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  1. crash

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    Damn kids disrespecting their elders on their birthday!
  2. crash

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    Thanks all! But my birthday is supposed to be a secret! :)
  3. Let me know if interested. Sold the 2014 last week.
  4. crash

    2018 Challenge

    Start: 230 Current: 223 Goal: 180 by May '18 I'm going to do the Atkins again, but I'm not starting until I eat up all the other stuff I have in the house. So far I quit drinking (except for social get togethers) a few weeks ago. Started on the elliptical less than two weeks ago and started cutting down food intake about the same time. I should be able to get started on the Atkins next week. I feel pretty good that I've already lost 7 pounds without officially starting my diet.
  5. I could have swore I posted this in here a couple of years ago but danged if I can find it. Sorry if it is a double post, delete if so. I used a cargo strap to compress the springs to get the top cap off and although it worked I figured I would look for something a little more professional the next time I needed to tear my forks apart. I recently developed a bit of a leak in one of my fork seals so I ordered a new seal and started looking around for a spring compressor. I found several online that ranged from about 50 to about 250 bucks. I found some people who made their own and I decided I would make my own but I made mine a little different than any of the others, or actually a cross between a couple plus my own touch that I didn't see on any of the others. I've been wanting one of those heavy duty long clamp devices which is basically what that 250 dollar compressor used. I figured I could use it in my spring compressor and use it as a regular clamp. So I picked up the clamp for about 30 bucks and about 10 bucks worth of other parts and this is what I ended up with:
  6. crash

    Hare Scrambles

    Not at all actually. I'm too old.
  7. crash


    Here ya go JJ: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-most-dedicated-kerbal-space-program-players-build-amazing-custom-controllers/
  8. crash

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    You must have got in there later. Rode by there and no bikes so cruised on down for wings.
  9. crash


    Happy Birthday!
  10. crash

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    I went to Hermann as well and went on a few I had never been on before. Must have just missed you! I had wings.
  11. crash

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    Crap, was hoping to run into you guys in Hermann. Those look like some really crooked roads! Where did you end up eating?
  12. crash

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    I was just messing around. I did think it was funny when I clicked on JJ's link and saw that though.
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  14. crash


    Looks like a great way to save energy! I bet they cut their electric bill in half!
  15. crash


    And I thought jumper cables were only good for DC. I guess that's why I never get any cool ideas like this.
  16. crash


    I decided against the expensive solar panels in favor of this. I wonder if I can get stiffneck to help me hook it up?
  17. crash

    Tire Deals

    Dunlop was too late. I got my stack of Stones yesterday.
  18. crash

    Kawasaki dealer recommends

    Not sure who can get what but yeah I would go with: JMP Cycle - draginpegs is a member here. He and wife are the owners (well, he's the janitor and his wife is the owner) and they are in Wood River St Louis Powersports - Fenton BSC
  19. crash


    Almost hung himself on the electric wires. It hurts when you land long although usually not as much as landing short. It was great form though.
  20. crash

    Finally got out today.

    Wow! That was faster than Ed!
  21. crash


    I'll grow up one of these days. Maybe.
  22. crash


    I think I want one.
  23. crash


    Went out and chased a Gold Wing around a little bit this afternoon: