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  1. Who's going to the one and only MCRA event of the year October 10 and 11? They really need some more riders to come out, the attendance last year was low. I will be there both days! And setting up on Friday afternoon.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Safely home! Gene and I were racing against the rain, it started as I got to my driveway! Many thanks for setting up the ride! Even more thanks for helping me with my little woopse moment!
  4. Sadly I am out! I was getting the bike ready for my first ride of the year and found my chain was so rusty some of the links will not flex. No way I am riding that very long.
  5. I am interested, but not a firm commitment just yet. Watching the weather.
  6. Chris, take a look at my Gateway thread, I dropped in the link to the photographers who were taking photos at Gateway.  There are some good shots! 

  7. Chris, take a look at this link, it is the photographers who were at the track this weekend. There are some good shots and one where you are chasing me down in turn 7! LOL - https://blacklabelphotography90.pixieset.com/600race921/ For anyone who was at the MCRA event yesterday, these are the photos. These were taken for free, but tips can be sent to paypal.me/justin863 All I ask is that you give me photocredit at Black Label Photography, like my page, and if you want to order prints please go through myself. I have connections with a company who gets wholesale price, and we can do banners, posters, pretty much if it gets printed we can do it. Due to the amount of photos, they all have a very very basic edit to color and exposure. If there are one or two that really stand out to you and you'd like more work done just let me know and I can work them more. Feel free to share this post with people who may not have me on their friends list, or in one of the other pages I'll be posting this too.
  8. Yes, it’s a lot shorter than going to Austin. Easy to make a weekend out of this!
  9. Who's going to the last MCRA event of the year? They really need some more riders to come out, the attendance has been low this year. I will be there both days! And setting up on Friday afternoon.
  10. I would love to join you guys once in a while. Mondays are out, that’s the day I take my wife to the airport every week. But Fridays most week would work. But not this week, going home to support my brother and family, he lost his wife at 72 due to a heart attack yesterday.
  11. Congratulations Casey, it was great knowing and riding with you!
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