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  1. reed12b

    Saturday June 23rd

    Home safely, thanks Gene for leading. This was a great little ride, just what I needed.
  2. reed12b

    MotoGP 2018

    What is GO90, an app or something?
  3. reed12b

    Saturday June 23rd

    See you in the morning.
  4. reed12b

    Putnam Park June 30th, July 1st.

    Still considering, will make a decision soon.
  5. reed12b

    Saturday June 23rd

    My only issue is the warden said I have to be home by 3:00,(I am being dragged to a party in Soulard later.) so I can not do any 300 mile days. Something a bit shorter would be great!
  6. reed12b

    Saturday June 23rd

    Yes, where are you going?
  7. reed12b


    @stiffneck What the hell happened? Did the house blow up or was it just torn down? Very confused about what I am seeing in the picture?
  8. reed12b

    midnight madness 6 15 18

    Don't let your wife see that photo, you might end up in the doghouse!
  9. reed12b

    Happy Birthday Bud

    Happy Birthday Bud
  10. I'm out, that is my daughter's wedding day. After this weekend I will be up for riding most anytime!
  11. reed12b

    MCRA meeting

    What? Do you mean you will not be at the MCRA meeting or that the MCRA meeting location has changed? I am confused???
  12. reed12b

    MotoGP 2018

    The top speed record for MotoGP was set today at about 221 MPH! OMG!
  13. reed12b

    Gateway 5/26-27

    Did you figure out your trailer issues? I would have been happy to help if I had a bigger trailer.
  14. reed12b

    Gateway 5/26-27

    Sounds good, I like to be in the middle, that way you have a straight route to the track and it is closer to the bathrooms. (Old people pee more and more often!)
  15. reed12b

    Gateway 5/26-27

    Yep, I always show up on Friday afternoon to help setup. A great benefit is you get to pick a spot for your pit under the roof. I plan to be there around 2:30 or so. Be prepared for lots of sweating! LOL