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  1. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    Hey that's my comment about you guys!
  2. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    There are 6 of us here that can help!
  3. Bixby Saturday 10-14

    That's a motely looking bunch! LOL
  4. MotoGP Austin 2018

    It is way too early for me to committ to this trip, but it sounds like a blast. Would love to go, but I would also likely fly. That drive in one day is a tough one.
  5. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    I am signed up for both days. Will be helping setup on Friday afternoon, we can use all the help that can show up to toss hay bails and air fence.
  6. Happy Birthday Crash

    Happy Birthday old man!

    Did you ever determine what was causing your fuse to blow?
  8. Happy Birthday Morbo🎂

    Happy Birthday Jason
  9. Happy Birthday Phantom

    Happy Birthday Tom!
  10. Happy BIrthday to me......

    Yes, congratulations on your new rides! WOW, is this turning into an Adventure Riding Club?
  11. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I would love to do this, I have not hit a drag strip since the 70's!! Damn I am old. But my daughter just brought her first house and as usual, for the last 6 years in a row, Dad is helping her move.
  12. clean your helmet!

    A lot of guys at the track have a small round fan that has a tilt feature. you just tilt it 90 degrees and set your helmet on it. Most times it is dry by my next session. I also do this at home after a ride and it does not stink. One tip is to put the fan on the floor, someone bumped into my table and it fell on the ground.
  13. I am also out this weekend, family stuff you know!
  14. LOL, I have done that and yes it is off, but only about 10% or so.