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  1. Have a great trip guys and travel safely! I really thought about going this year, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe next year.
  2. reed12b

    2019 Challenge

    Managed to do 39.48 miles for March!
  3. reed12b

    NOT buying bikes

    Very, very sad!
  4. reed12b

    2012 Honda CBR 250R

  5. reed12b

    Happy Birthday Barry!🎂

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. I forgot to say thanks back in December.
  6. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    I have to cancel this ride, family medical issues. Sorry
  7. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    That's a good point, there is a QT we have met at in the past.
  8. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    So is the meeting time and place ok? I am open to changes, I am up for anything.
  9. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    Hey I understand, there is nothing fun about freezing your hands off on a bike when it is cold. But I have heated gloves and a jacket liner, so I am good to the high 30's. When I was young and dumb we used to ride in the 20's, but that got old really fast. Now I am just old and dumb. LOL
  10. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    How does 10:00 at the QT at 44 and 109 sound? I am open to all most anything, so please speak up!
  11. reed12b

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Happy Birthday!
  12. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    Something less than an all day ride, maybe out to Herman on some backroads. Since I have not been on my bike since October the first couple of rides are going to be tough for this old man!
  13. The weather is looking good this Sunday! Anyone up for a ride? I have not gotten out yet this year, I am really wanting to go riding. UPDATE - Meeting at the QT at 40 and 94 in St Charles. 10:00, KSU at 10:15! UPDATE - Meeting changed to Washington at hwy 47 and 5th st by 11. FINIAL UPDATE - CANCELLED
  14. reed12b

    Happy birthday, Stiffneck!

    Happy belated birthday!
  15. reed12b

    2019 Challenge

    I only managed to do 34.58 miles for February, but I was on vacation for a week in Cancun.