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  1. reed12b

    2012 Honda CBR 250R

  2. reed12b

    Happy Birthday Barry!🎂

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. I forgot to say thanks back in December.
  3. The weather is looking good this Sunday! Anyone up for a ride? I have not gotten out yet this year, I am really wanting to go riding. UPDATE - Meeting at the QT at 40 and 94 in St Charles. 10:00, KSU at 10:15! UPDATE - Meeting changed to Washington at hwy 47 and 5th st by 11. FINIAL UPDATE - CANCELLED
  4. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    I have to cancel this ride, family medical issues. Sorry
  5. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    That's a good point, there is a QT we have met at in the past.
  6. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    So is the meeting time and place ok? I am open to changes, I am up for anything.
  7. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    Hey I understand, there is nothing fun about freezing your hands off on a bike when it is cold. But I have heated gloves and a jacket liner, so I am good to the high 30's. When I was young and dumb we used to ride in the 20's, but that got old really fast. Now I am just old and dumb. LOL
  8. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    How does 10:00 at the QT at 44 and 109 sound? I am open to all most anything, so please speak up!
  9. reed12b

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Happy Birthday!
  10. reed12b

    Sunday March 17

    Something less than an all day ride, maybe out to Herman on some backroads. Since I have not been on my bike since October the first couple of rides are going to be tough for this old man!
  11. reed12b

    Happy birthday, Stiffneck!

    Happy belated birthday!
  12. reed12b

    2019 Challenge

    I only managed to do 34.58 miles for February, but I was on vacation for a week in Cancun.
  13. reed12b

    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Happy Birthday Ed!
  14. reed12b

    Where to?

    I love the Putnam track, it has all kinds of room to run off the track and not hit anything! Not that I have ever done this! LOL
  15. reed12b

    2019 Challenge

    I knew you were faster than me! That is a 12 minute mile pace. I am still doing what I call the old man shuffle of 14 minute pace. I may get a bit faster if I keep this up, but doubt I can do 12 minutes.
  16. reed12b

    Happy Birthday Mike!🎂

    Happy Birthday Mike, I hate to be late at things like this! Just like I hated when my girl friend was late with her period!
  17. reed12b

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    Happy Belated Birthday Dave!
  18. reed12b

    30K Helicopter Ride

    I know we have discussed this topic before to death, but here is another reminder how expensive one of these rides can end up. I keep saying I am going to join one of these memberships. ( "The company also said it encourages people to purchase a membership through the AirMedCare Network. The cost is $65 per household per year, and "whatever the patient's insurance company or third party provider pays is considered payment in full.") I just never get around to doing it. http://www.ksdk.com/news/health/snake-bite-victim-gets-30k-helicopter-bill/463863080
  19. reed12b

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!
  20. reed12b

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Sorry, I’m out. Not feeling up to it today.
  21. reed12b

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Can I assume kick stands up at 9:30? That was not in the first post.
  22. reed12b


    I think that should be written by Crash, he has more experience than anyone I know!
  23. reed12b

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    I just checked the weather, it is now a 20% chance of rain on Sunday!!!!! I am in if this still happens!
  24. reed12b

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    So do you guys think my heated gloves and jacket liner will pass tech tomorrow? I am only half kidding, it is going to be chilly.
  25. reed12b

    Fall ride dates

    Sorry your dates don't work for me, the 13 and 14 are Gateway trackdays and the 27 and 28 we will be on vacation in Florida.