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  1. HBD 🏁
  2. I have a free account, with limited usability. Might upgrade if that's the best deal out there.
  3. HBD 🏁
  4. Come to think of it, maybe I should check some filters too
  5. Otay, next time I'll ride the SV.
  6. 2 Thumbs up and 1 Thumb down πŸ˜€
  7. Home... Most Excellent Day
  8. I will be there and maybe on time
  9. Welcome... I wish I was retired<---jealously got 4.7yrs to go
  10. Be mindful of downtown, At least one I-state closure, maybe I-44, but check first, or give yourself extra time
  11. Most likely in
  12. I did use Vimeo awhile back, then they made some changes, haven't been there for awhile.
  13. Maybe something heavy
  14. Bike Nite Moto Europa today, not sure if going, anyone else going?
  15. I had to switch from 87 to 89 for my KLR650. When using 87 the engine pinged and rattled like a diesel. When using 89 the engine has a "normal" sound to it. Not sure why a Global "cheapy" bike needs the higher tang. The book has it written in a "vague" manner what to use. Basically, if it knocks and pings, use next higher octane. My guess is the build specs in Malaysia, (where this KLR was built) are not of a high degree of accuracy. Could it be something needs to be replaced or adjusted? No alterations have been done.