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  1. Belated Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ
  2. Airport cold/flu which I will share with no-one, see you all next time.
  3. Been up since 4, because my body thought it was 0500
  4. Don't forget, Daylight Savings gets rolled back. Sunrise will be an hour early tomorrow.
  5. I think I can, just got home from work, I'll see if something starts.
  6. Mathematics; Less weight = lower track lap times.
  7. In.. We need to check first on the back room. Might be seated at table instead.
  8. Happy belated birthday ๐Ÿ
  9. I think the old Triumph Tiger would do well
  10. Ops, I thought it was tonight Glad I didn't drive out with out checking first
  11. Most excellent weekend, no malfunctions to speak of... afterwards... -http://blacklabelphotography90.pixieset.com/gateway9222019/intermediate922/
  12. Thanks for taking care of this Jason ๐Ÿ
  13. I'll be there and riding both days ๐Ÿ
  14. No, we can keep it going for you.
  15. Casey, you have the right to vote Just do it...
  16. Got in around 1:30pm, a few minutes in front of me... another accident on Riverview, checked that 911 was already called and blame Trump. Great ride today, so I'll eat a late lunch, was worth waiting for. Thanks for leading Dave and for posting Nate.
  17. Departing shortly, anyone else going?
  18. Congratulations on passing the exam/license. Now welcome to the world of career/job/work, where U will spend the next 30-40 years We'll be here and we'll keep a light on for U. Will ride again some day here, there, elsewhere after U've earned some vacation time from Ur job
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