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  1. stiffneck

    30K Helicopter Ride

    Wasn't able to click on these links, until I did a quote
  2. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    HBD 🏁
  3. Post up any Saturday open house Dealership Christmas parties for December. Could easily make one of them an impromptu STLAR meet for lunch
  4. stiffneck

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

  5. stiffneck

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    I've been walking unassisted for a few days now. Doctor visit Thursday probably back to work next Monday and ride again soon there after
  6. stiffneck

    MotoGP 2018

    DP was a favorite of mine too, as the "little engine that could".
  7. stiffneck


    No pain... No gain... Additionally, look into seeing a Chiropractor and all the way down to having your feet/shoes checked out 🏁
  8. stiffneck

    Stlar Meeting!

    Also, mark your calendars, for January 24th-27th will be the St. Louis Car & Motorcycle Show.
  9. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday Joe !!

    HBD 🏁
  10. stiffneck


    HBD 🏁
  11. stiffneck

    Software updated to 4.3.5

    I'm not on Facebook a.k.a facepage, buttbook and liebook and don't like what little I've seen of it. However, if we're at a point where it's time to get rid of the carburetor... so be it. I was hopeful that individual forums might keep going, as people dump fuxkbook. However, that trend is minimal at best. We'll discuss more this winter. Also, thank-you to you computer guys for handling this stuff, because I certainly don't
  12. stiffneck

    "Z" projects

    I wanted it At least it stayed in the family
  13. stiffneck

    Stlar Meeting!

    Late arrival... Code class final examine
  14. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday Gene!?

    HBD ?
  15. stiffneck

    Fall ride dates

    I voted... but may not be riding again until November. November can come in like a lamb, but go out like a lion... translation.. we'll get a few days in
  16. I'm out for awhile...dammit... Enjoy the weekend, looks like great weather both days
  17. stiffneck

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Joe is a young guy... he'll bounce back
  18. stiffneck

    Is it dead yet?

    I never got around to a "facebook" account, a.k.a. facepage, buttbook and liebook. IMO, this is what destroyed "forums".
  19. stiffneck

    Michelin Pilot Road Tire Failure

    I've used various Pilot Roads over the years, never a problem. Hopefully this was a one of a kind dud.
  20. stiffneck

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    I believe MCRA also has it's monthly board meeting, on the 1rst Tuesday of the month there as well.
  21. stiffneck

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    They should, may not be too many out there without. I've used my heated vest at one of those Putnam April Freeze Out weekends.
  22. stiffneck

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Most likely not riding... Right foot issues, maybe bone spur... MRI scheduled friday morning... Will be there both days, w/truck & trailer ?
  23. stiffneck

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Thanks for reminder, IN but not signed up yet
  24. stiffneck

    Seems Like A good deal

    Tempting... Got 3 out of 4... I don't ride much now