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  1. Great to see you guys still riding 🏁
  2. Too bad most everyone went to Facepage, when we have everything we want right here.
  3. Try to come out Friday afternoon to help with set up. Any questions you have will get answered on the spot. Set up in the paddock area around spots # 20-22-etc. It's where we set up most of the time.
  4. At most I might be able to watch a race or two.
  5. Did anyone see the Moto GP on NBC last Sunday (7-26-2020)? I was surprised it was on regular el-cheapo TV. I was channel surfing (staying off my feet again) and finally found something decent to watch.
  6. Belated Happy Birthday 🏁
  7. Airport cold/flu which I will share with no-one, see you all next time.
  8. Been up since 4, because my body thought it was 0500
  9. Don't forget, Daylight Savings gets rolled back. Sunrise will be an hour early tomorrow.
  10. I think I can, just got home from work, I'll see if something starts.
  11. Mathematics; Less weight = lower track lap times.
  12. In.. We need to check first on the back room. Might be seated at table instead.
  13. Happy belated birthday 🏁
  14. I think the old Triumph Tiger would do well
  15. Ops, I thought it was tonight Glad I didn't drive out with out checking first
  16. Most excellent weekend, no malfunctions to speak of... afterwards... -http://blacklabelphotography90.pixieset.com/gateway9222019/intermediate922/
  17. Thanks for taking care of this Jason 🏁
  18. I'll be there and riding both days 🏁
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