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  1. Thanks for reminder, have not been to one in years.
  2. stiffneck

    Do you have a smart home?

    Nice, nothing like leaving the front door open. Back in 1991 I got to tour a "smart home" in the "rough-in" stage of construction. Back then it was about starting the coffee maker and having the shower running so it was hot when you got out of bed. Also, having the HVAC run between "at home" and "not at home" settings. Fortunately, I have a dumb home.
  3. stiffneck

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Home about an hour ago, most excellent day. Wasn't sure until maybe 0600, if I was even going or not. Thanks to ride leaders, all I had to do was point and twist
  4. stiffneck

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Just a tad late, don't wait, hope to see U there...
  5. stiffneck

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    Will drop off the flat bed trailer Friday after work, that might be as far as I get.
  6. stiffneck

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Maybe at this point, will be working late Friday into Saturday, been awhile for off shift shizt. It's been sooo long, not sure I remember how to ride
  7. stiffneck

    Ride Saturday ??

    Scheduled to work Saturday, won't know until Friday if project is on or off
  8. stiffneck

    April STLAR meeting - 4/2, 6:30p

    In route 🏁
  9. stiffneck

    April STLAR meeting - 4/2, 6:30p

    I'll be there...
  10. stiffneck

    "Z" projects

    Warm weather is just around the corner
  11. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday SprintST

  12. stiffneck

    Stlar Meeting!

    Escape from work was a success, will be there...
  13. stiffneck

    Software updated to 4.3.6

    Thanks for doing this...
  14. stiffneck

    Stlar Meeting!

    Hope to be there, weather permitting.
  15. stiffneck

    Where to?

    I recommend going to Gateway Raceway in beautiful downtown Madison(East St. Louis), IL After a few track days there, you will learn to appreciate every other track in the nation 🏁
  16. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Happy late Birthday πŸŽ‚
  17. stiffneck

    FNG intro

    Welcome 🏁
  18. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday koth442

    HBD Leon 🏁
  19. stiffneck

    Sunday 1/6

    300+ miles... Thanks for posting and leading Nathan, most excellent day...
  20. stiffneck

    Sunday 1/6

    Departing as we speak... iffy how far I can go 🏁
  21. stiffneck

    2019 Challenge

    I feel slightly heavy at 184.5 on home scale Will have more accurate # next Tuesday at Dr. office. Virtually no weight change since I was 19 years old, now 51. Weight gain is one item I've never had to deal with. Wish the best of luck to all of you, for 2019
  22. stiffneck

    Sunday 1/6

    Maybe at this point...