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  1. I agree. Maybe for the second production year they'll make it standard.
  2. Why not triple R. That name is annoying
  3. I missed a good one. On the bright side, Michele has a new-to-her quilting machine πŸ˜’ I had to haul it back on the 20 foot trailer - yes it's that f'ing big.
  4. Well, I guess I will not be making the ride. Michele needs my help with something. And, JJ is running a little behind. On FB, Todd and Dave said they'd be there. You guys have fun. I'm sorry for missing it. Looks like an awesome day.
  5. I will update the first post I do remember but just in case anyone else doesn't
  6. Planning on riding to Hermann tomorrow. Meet Time: About 10 AM (DST ends tonight so make sure clocks are set appropriately) KSU: 10:30 AM Meet Spot: QT on 94 I know it's cold but we are running out of days to ride
  7. I hope you are celebrating in a warmer climate.
  8. I'm sorry, I've never used a powdercoating company so I cannot provide any advice there. Most of us on this board ride a lot of miles and have scratches and scuffs on every bike we own. I would ask on the FB STLAR page. There may be some guys on there that have had it done.
  9. Mike said he was about to do the same thing πŸ˜‚
  10. I think it's okay but depending on the length of the ride.
  11. Are you posting it for STLAR on FB page too?
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