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  1. Well, maybe Mennonite - He does drive and ride mechanized machinery
  2. Yup that Amish guy from IL πŸ˜‚
  3. Good ride and good seeing you and Dom. Thanks for coming out. Home safe.
  4. See you in the morning. Do you want to come meet me in MO so we can ride from there to IL together? Just kidding
  5. I'm kind of in a bind because I can't put the Garmin on the new bike (no mount) but I did create a route going route three to powerline road into the park and out going north on what looks like a twisty section... We'll see. Dominic is fine with getting lost so am I πŸ˜‰
  6. Thank you. Surprisingly, Google is taking the flooding into account.
  7. Thanks Stuart. Yes, that's the plan. We'll be riding route 3 until before Pere Marquette, then ride through the park then some twisties and back down to route 3 and Hardin
  8. First post updated with details
  9. Are you up for an IL side ride? I am talking to a friend who is on that side and doesn't want to try crossing the river in the morning.
  10. Have fun. I hope AR is dry on Sunday because it's not looking like that around here on Sunday.
  11. No, that's one step too far for me right now I still need those I will have the engine guards and sliders on and hopefully the tail off with the new LED lights. I'm still in break in mode so it will be an easier pace.
  12. I should have some modifications done by then and I will have the day to ride. If anyone is off and wants to ride, post up and we'll figure out to where and when...etc. I talked to Dominic (used to ride here) and he would like to stay on the IL side, so here's the plan: Meet time: 9:00am Meet Spot: Edwardsville BP (3 Glenwest Drive, Edwardsville, IL) KSU: shortly after 9am Destination: Hardin IL Pace: Relaxed If anyone else is riding from MO, I can meet up with you on this side and ride together to IL.
  13. Speed

    2016 Kawasaki ZX10r

    How did you know? Those were the things I wanted. It worked out perfectly 😎