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  1. Speed


    You remembered? Thank you 😁
  2. Speed

    Sunday 1/6

    I just got back from my trip. Looks like I missed a good ride.
  3. Speed

    Happy Birthday Barry!🎂

    Happy Birthday (I know I said it on FB )
  4. Speed

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    Happy Belated B-Day @Dozer Dave
  5. Speed

    Stlar Meeting!

    For the motorcycle show. It was in the cycle gear flyer.
  6. Speed

    Stlar Meeting!

    Definitely glad we made the meeting. Michele enjoyed it because we also talked about other things besides motorcycles I don't know if I can make the motorcycle show but I would like to try. I will try to figure out timing for 'Movie night' after the holiday season and start a thread.
  7. Speed

    Stlar Meeting!

    Still at work and tired. We'll see if I even want to leave the house once I get there
  8. Speed

    MotoGP 2018

    That's why I don't come back to this thread until I'm done watching for the week. Not that anyone else has put in a spoiler before
  9. Speed

    2007 GSXR750 Street/Track bike - $7,000

    Good luck. What are you getting next?
  10. Speed

    Need some new gloves

    I want heated liner clothing with a portable battery (like the 7.4V from tourmaster) so I can wear under motorcycle and hunting clothes. I can't find anything that is decent and backed by a real warranty.
  11. Speed

    Stlar Meeting!

    I've got to go counter-act Ed's vote But probably in.
  12. Speed

    RST Combo deals

    I've never used this brand but it's a good deal.