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  1. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD https://stlouis.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2008-yamaha-r6-raven/6560451370.html text or call Joe 314-609-0391 email at hj106119@gmail.com
  2. OK I'll bite. I think this was a genuinely awful scenario and no one really did anything wrong. R6 guy had no chance, there's no way to predict animal movement, especially not when you have less than 1-2 seconds to react. Even having watched the video multiple times and KNOWING what is about to happen, I can count about 1.5 seconds or less between when the dog appears on screen and when the dog hits the R6 front tire. DRZ guy could have done better but you can't expect everyone that rides a motorcycle to be really good at it. Who knows what that guy's skill level is. He had about 500ms to react and panicked, a very reasonable response. In my mind, these are the types of freak accidents, that as motorcyclists, we just have to accept might happen and there's nothing beyond having years of experience that can save us, so we wear our gear and cross our fingers.
  3. Arkansas >>> Deals gap Heck, push mountain itself is about 50 times more fun than tail of the dragon.
  4. All the cool kids ride 2008 R6. Unfortunately, you're not allowed in the group if you're a Blackhawks or a Cubs fan, so I'm hoping you're neither.
  5. Joester


    From an article about Robbie and this stunt - Robbie got paid $2 million to perform the stunt... he later said, “Even if you paid me $10 million, I’d never do it again.”
  6. Me and my two regular track friends are out for this one, two of us just took a long vacation to the ocean and the other's bike isn't ready yet, so I think we're just going to head to St. Joes for a little dirt riding action instead. Much cheaper, less time consuming, etc. Have fun at Putnam, its an awesome track!
  7. I was curious how this happened too cause in your video you go down into the wall and look up and the dudes just there like he was sitting there the whole time lol I guess he managed to stop just in time.
  8. Glad you're ok, Todd. Much respect for not going off on that guy after the crash. It would have been very hard for me to restrain my anger.
  9. Just take a second to appreciate how much power that engine must make and how much force it must be pushing on the ground with to throw that 450+lb machine so quickly through the air like that. Absolutely crazy.
  10. I'm not joking when I say this: most steaks use some preservative that makes my mouth itchy when I eat it. So needless to say I'm not a big steak guy because I don't like having an itchy mouth, lol. It really is as weird as it sounds.
  11. I got out the auto detailing tools yesterday, did a full clay bar, compound, polish, wax, wax on the ol' girl.
  12. While I'm sure full on rush hour is also terrifying, 6:30 is around that time where traffic has the potential to go from 70mph to stopped with no warning. That's what scares me.
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