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  1. Cleaning out the garage have a ton stuff to get rid of. 2 sets of Pit Bull TRS RC 390 Pins $50 each Ninja 250R TRS Pins $50 - SOLD 1198 TRS Pins used once $50 Pit Bull Rear Stand $80 - SOLD Pit Bull Forward Handle Rear Stand $80 - SOLD 2 Pit Bull TRS Frames - $120 each - BOTH SOLD Pit Bull Ducati Front Lift Stand - $75 XT Racing GPX Pro8 with 3d printed sacrificial housing $450 - SOLD comes with hardwired GPS, will need "A/B" cable from XT ($29, last time I bought one) XT Racing GPX Pro4 with 3d printed sacrificial housing $400 - SOLD comes with hardwired GPS, will need "A" cable from XT ($29, last time I bought one) All items are located in St Peters. Pic of all the items can be seen here http://s169.photobucket.com/user/DCMoney22/library/Stuff For Sale Any questions let me know.
  2. Yeah, use GoPro mounts as the base for the head light/tail light. http://forum.midwestcaferacing.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2095&p=14608&hilit=head+light#p14608
  3. Been steadily down 52, ate a chimichanga at Putnam Saturday night, then a subway sandwich for lunch the next day. I figured the amount of calories burned was close to what I ate. Got to start running again to drop any further.
  4. Congrats! Hopefully your faster on it than Crash is on his!
  5. While riding in groups I would try to signal at things in the road, debris, animals, people etc. Not because people behind me can't ride but as a courtesy to fellow riders and warn them of upcoming things. Yes throwing up a hand doesn't grantee there wont be a crash but its a quick way to get peoples attention behind you to be alert.
  6. Probably my favorite picture ever, coming over start/finish at the checkered.
  7. Its done in illustrator or similar, put a Black 84 and lighter shade of 74 inside.
  8. M3 record with NASA is a 1:10:50. http://www.nasamidwest.com/rungroups/race/?page=TrackRecordsDisplay My GPX pro gave me a best time of 1:16 but I didn't run it the last session. Was actually signed up for hyperdrive. When I got to the meeting, it was explained that hyperdrive is a no passing, intro to track days. Similar to Test the track for bike with MCRA. They asked if any of us had track experience, 3 of us did. Let us bump (pay difference) to HPDE if we wanted. HPDE 1 was sold out 2 was open so thats where I went, I'm really happy I did. Mild understeer is an understatement, this is a known among 135 track dayers. Brakes need upgrading too, was smoking them going into one, now know what brake fade feels like. Doing around 100 mph around the oval, little more on exit. Luckily the rear stuck like glue. With track tires and some better brakes, I know I could get down closer to 1:10.
  9. Still working on the skinny part! Track weenie, yeah got that down! Video processing now.
  10. Has it ever been mentioned that I am a track weenie... Videos later.
  11. Down 50 as of this morning. I do plan on eating some pizza next Saturday at Putnam, probably just the toppings though.
  12. DCMoney

    Guy martin

    Speed with Guy Martin is an awesome series!
  13. Melissa bought some Durkadurkastan Leathers a few years ago, never fit right, all the measurements she sent they got wrong. Horrible experience. There are plenty of inexpensive options on leathers that you can get from a state side vendor with a great exchange policy. Dont forgetting about calling Riders discount. Their prices on Alpinestarsr gear is unbeatable.
  14. I look the same. I was just really overweight.
  15. If you want help learning to do it yourself, id be happy to help, I will be in the garage almost the entire weekend. Or go see Eric with Velocity Calibrations, when theres something I cant do or know when it comes to suspensions he's who I go to. He's also a member here. http://www.velocitycalibrations.com/
  16. Ha thanks! If Adam Rolfs and Alex Widsom didn't weight so little I would stop where im at... Brandie is down below pre baby weight as well.
  17. Down 45 as of this morning, might do a weekend of eating "normal" then back to the 1k-1200 a day to see if I can do a "diet reset". Running 2 miles a day right now too.
  18. I have a blue label 17 MOS on order to do something similar, probably not the Nintendo theme though...
  19. Every choice in life has consequences, good or bad.
  20. http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/racer-danny-eslick-suspended-from-all-ama-sanctioned-activity/#.VuGcNEJGsJQ.facebook
  21. Down 41, started running a mile, walking a mile, and riding stationary bike for 15 minutes a day, barely losing a pound a week lately. Still sticking to my low calorie diet. With the increase in exercise makes me extra hungry, been really hard this week. Sunday marks the 9th week of this diet. Like I said above, I'm far enough in that now I want to see how much longer I can go like this. Hell its been 10 years since I ate fast food (McDonalds, Taco bell, Burger king etc.) and I'm on the 8th year of no candy, cake, cookies, or any kind of deserts...
  22. Thanks but I need to stay alive for a little longer.
  23. I'm waiting on engine parts to come in, if they are not here by the 18th Ill probably be out. Really want to make this!
  24. I've been using pinnacle editing software for about 18 years. Very user friendly.
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