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  1. someone always seems to forget things.
  2. nice ride man! I rode a freind of mines bike a few years ago and it wouldnt turn for nothing.. it had 9psi in the front lol... check em often!
  3. my buddy bought one.. they also have a killer deal on the freeze out stuff. i bouth the whole kit minus balaclava for 70 bux!! good deals for sure.
  4. thats imressive how many times he picked his bike up and dropped it in under a minute gotta be a record
  5. does it have to be 70 73? my buddy has a nicely built 79 thats in your price range.
  6. i seen the factory five car on 270 the other day ( assuming theres not many around here) awesome looking in person. was in my t bird so not a good match up to play.
  7. damn well contrary to popular beleif.. it really wasnt worn out at 20k.
  8. different than the last time i seen it bro. how mayn miles on it when it broke?
  9. ive ridden with some mountain bikers who were missing a leg. amazing what you can do when you have no choice.
  10. well fml! damnt.... cant wait for october!!
  11. well jeff if it makes you feel better.. you really helped me out alot when you lead me around the track a few times until i got my line corrected thank you again for that.. in fact several of the control riders helped me this way. I ran novice and was pitted with rick and melissa( i was the blue and white leathers on the blue and white 750).The changes to novice class made a huge difference. The first time i went a few months ago was no where near as much fun and i didnt learn as much either.. not to say i didnt enjoy it or learn.. but this time ( august) was the expereiance id hoped for the first go around.
  12. 2011 gsxr 750 .. get race ready ( tho its a streetbike)

  13. 2011 gsxr 750 .. get race ready ( tho its a streetbike)

  14. Ilove the fact my mirrors have blinkers in them way up high where people wondering if i am goin straight or left can see em. Its not that much of a pita to put em back on after trackdays. I have a few aftermarket parts and they all have a purpose. man i love this bike!
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