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  1. I'm definitely getting in on this. I'll bite the bullet and step on the scale tonight. Anyone work out the Gold's Gym in Fenton? I could use a workout buddy to keep me motivated.
  2. Count me on that list. May have a 1-2 more coming with me but they are still 100% maybe. I kept them off the list for the time being. Jeff Sue Barry Aaron Mike Trenda Steve Kathy Kirk Michelle Salar
  3. I would be down for hotshots or MotoEuropa on 4/4. MotoEuropa is close to my work and HotShots is on my way home so either works perfect for me! What one would everyone be more interested in going to? HotShots would have food and drinks and we could probably stay later. Another option would be to start at MotoEuropa and then do a ride to HotShots! Best of both worlds!!!
  4. Little to far out to be 100% sure right now but I'm in long as nothing else comes up between now and then. Great service they are providing!!!
  5. Anyone have a recommendation of a good reliable/accurate tire pressure gauge. I currently have a cheap gauge that I've been sharing between my car and bike and figured I should get a better gauge for my bike. I have no idea how accurate the one I have is (or even know how you actually check how accurate they are). Anyone have any that they have used that have been pretty consistently accurate? I kind of want a digital one but don't want to worry about the batteries since I seem to be always the lucky one that has them run out right when I need them. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
  6. My brother is picking up his first bike next week. If you still have the helmet he is going to be in need of one.
  7. I haven't eaten there but I hear Coco Locuca Brasil (http://www.cocoloucobrasil.com/) is similar and is suppose to be good as well. I loved Bacana Brasil! I've never heard of it other then a quick google search but there is also Yemenja Brasil (http://yemanjabrasil.com). Not sure how the food is or how similar it is to Bacana. If you're looking for something good not just brasilian food. There a ton of restaurants on The HIll. Modesto is amazing if you like tapas. Guidos is also good if you're looking for tapas and Italian home made pastas. Copia is very good if you want a 5 star meal (comes with a 5 star price...). My wife and I do lots of double dates with my best friend and his wife and try a new restaurant each time. Let me know if you want any other recommendations.
  8. Looks like I'm out for this one as well Doctor said no riding till at least the next time I see her which is 2 very long weeks away!!! This is killing me! This needs to heal faster!
  9. I'll find out on Friday if I'm allowed to ride again by my doctor. Currently been on a riding ban by her till I'm healed up enough from my surgery last week. Hoping she says go ahead cause I'm dying to ride again!!!
  10. I've been looking for the same thing. Really like the look of these. They sound comfortable. I'd love to see some reviews on them. Doesn't seem to be any online yet though.
  11. Depending on what my doctor/surgeon say on Friday I may be in. I'm dying for a ride right now. Haven't been on my bike for over a week and it is killing me.... I'm so addicted to this bike it isn't even funny.....
  12. Just got home. Safe and sound! Thank you all for a great first ride! I had a blast! Thanks for all the great riding tips as well.
  13. Sounds good. I'll be there probably around 8:45-9ish (I hate being late to anything). Should be a perfect day. Weather is suppose to be nice (hoping humidity keeps low) just some small chance of light scattered showers.
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