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  1. first and foremost, just for terry. after the valve adjustment the compression on all 4 cylinders was within spec. furthermore, the bike is now rideable. ok all lets get right to it my bike is an 03 with almost 40,000 on it. the bike still runs good and strong. the valves have recently been adjusted, they are dead on spec now. the r/r has just been replace with one from an 06. the plugs were changed at the time of the valve adjustment, though they may be fouled now. the map sensor, intake air temp sensor and coolant temp sensor have all been replaced. the tps has been replaced and is now adjustable, even though the factory says it cannot be done. it is dead on spec .515v at full close and 4.503 at WOT. I have the stunt guy second idle mod. that means i can adjust the butterfly stop screw while the bike running. i have been chasing and idle problem around for several months now. today on the way to work the bike died on the highway while coasting with the clutch pulled in (more on that later) and would not restart. dead battery. that, of course, points to a bad r/r. i will be testing the r/r and the stator later tonight. the fast idle/waxx unit is working correctly, except that it has no affect on idle speed; ie it moves in and out with temp changes but doesnt change anything. manifold vac pressure, read from the hose going to the MAP sensor is around 5-6" mods to bike: leo vince sbk carbon slip on. bmc air filter +2 driven rear sproket the problem(s) i have been having are: ---little to no cold idle- it will bounce around 900-1100rpm for 1 minute or so then die out. if i use throttle to keep it running, it is CRAZY rich, so much so that it sounds different and churns out black smoke. let go of the throttle and it immediatly dies. ---it will idle when warm BUT, it feels very sluggish till above 3k rpm or so. it is very difficult to take off from a stop and not basically drag launch. ---once it is running and rolling, the bike sometimes dies out when you pull the clutch in and hold it. the rpms drop like normal but go all the way to zero. this problem happens on the highway and while coming to a stop. ---if you try to adjust the factory idle screw/cable it doenst really change anything except the sound. then with the screw fully open or screwed all the way in, if you rev the bike the rpms will climb and stick at about 5k until you shut it off. restart it idles rough around 1400-1500rpm, rev it and it sticks at 5k again. ---adjusting the throttle plates themselves open creates the same RUNAWAY rpms. they will take off on their own and jump to 5k and stay there. long story short it idles very VERY low and rough to the point of dying. any adjustment to try and correct it and your stuck with a 5k idle. the options are a dying 900rpm or all the way to 5000. once the bike is moving and your above 3k it pulls like it always has, roll on power wheelies are no problem. i am not a stunter of any form. an occasional clutch up in first or second then right back down. no balance point or any of that.
  2. hey tom, thanks for going along. too bad none of the other members wanted to do anything...
  3. hey all, tom started this thread for me. it will be most of your first time meeting me (with the exception of tom, his wife, and terry) so come on out. My long time girlfriend will be riding with and we would love to see some other couples there. hard to find that are not stunters riding with a random girl they just met, wearing a borrowed helmet and scared to death the whole time because mr show off there is 2 seconds from killing both of them for the whole ride! anyone have any questions you can text me at (314) 605-3712 or just post on here. we will probably wind up riding hwy 94 on the way back.
  4. lol what do you do that you affiliated with the gallo wines? its good to see some interest in the topic thanks everyone
  5. ok... so i know im VERY new to the forum and the group for that matter but im trying to earn my stripes here... anyone interested in a COUPLES trip to the agusta winerys? i mean everyone is welcome but im gonna try to put together something for the 2 up riders with the gals to the winerys. no super crazy riding...a legit cruise there. its pretty scenery and we are almost out of riding season. this would be later this month...maybe the 20th or 27th. i am a professional chef by trade and from working fine dining for a LONG time i am a bit of a wine snob. this would not be a "hey lets go hit the samples" trip, rather for those couples that enjoy wine. THIS IS JUST A PRELIMINARY POST ABOUT THE TRIP TO GAUGE INTEREST. please lets set something up. again i am availible to text anytime day or night at (314) 605-3712 over and out Travis (T $ )
  6. agreed...agreed...however against all possible odds....do you feel that it may help for the time being without f*ing the clutche(s)?
  7. also, i know oil additives are usually snake oil BUT i have had good results with a product called Engine Restore, it has an extreemly high zzdp and csl content. supposedly its ok to run in a wet clutch bike just before an oil change as long as you dont engage the clutch as to prevent the product from penetrating the frictions. is it worth a shot to buy me time before the rebuild?
  8. having been a parts specilist for oreilly, if they can get it, i can try it. i need to find another member with an 03-04 cbr to do the swap. ill provide a 6 pack to drink while we do the 30 min job...any takers?
  9. just tonight i went for a ride with tom, and while we were sitting at the gas station it started idling crazy again. none of the other symptoms just rough idle. i know its against the mechanics code but on a hunch i tried a new map sensor the other day when it started running fine out of nowhere..no change in anything. the sensor try didnt cost me anything and i had already tried to dagnose it the right way. also against mechanics code and against the diagnostic path, at this point i will put my money one of 2 places either the TPS, or the ECM itself. my guess is the latter. it appears to be the ecm adjusting idle that is not temperature variant...just out of nowhere, the ecm being on the fritz would also explain the odd fueling issue. furthermore, i repaired the connection in the blue plug and while it was apart i finally fixed the connection in the grey plug where my clock and trip both maintain power now. we shall see how it turns out. as for right now it is still rideable. on a side note, the bmc filter was quite dirty, i took care of that and while the air box was off i removed the resonators from inside the lid. definatly sounds deeper now, but i feel like i have lost some power somewhere, they may be going back in....there again could be the ecm cutting out power.
  10. um....the bike fixed itself... i had not touched the bike in 4 days. yesterday i went out and messed with it a little getting no where. today i went out, started it and everything was perfect...i would venture to say smoother than before. i have NO CLUE what it was. i went through the connectors to the guages and changed a few things but this was after it was running. thanks for the help and im glad the "ghost" is gone but now i will always feel like something will go wrong again. i mean i tested everything via the diagnostic tree in the shop manual...weird.
  11. to piggy back on the last 2 posts...i KNOW its running rich. it took me a full tank, no joke, to go from the shell at 55 and reavis to terrys house in creve cour and back.
  12. so after some time with terry...we now know that my bike shows its age...lower than normal compression across the board, and some valve issues on cyl 2. however, while both of these issues will cause a lack of power, neither of them explain what is going on with it running like this. i have noticed that how it runs is throttle position variable NOT rpm...ie WOT at 2k works fine and so does going WOT at 10k. any other ideas? we also found that it has weak vaccum and unplugging the map sensor does nothing at all. furthermore the bike runs perfect until it hits about 175 deg...then it starts acting like a fool.
  13. i work at herbies, i leave late at night, youve probably heard me.
  14. ok so i have to get off the computer for a few mins, howerever anyone with any idea, please text me at 314-605-3712. i need to figure this out asap. text me just like you would be posting here ill reply immediatly
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