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Found 3 results

  1. Hey friends, as i posted in the new riders intro sub, im having trouble with my 93 kawi zx6e, and being a young adult with very low fundage, i can use all the help i can get. so in short, shes having a bog/stutter issue at 7.5k rpms in 3rd, and @ 6k in 4th and above. heres a list of things gone through/checked/replaced, fuel lines replaced tank filters cleaned new carbs stage 1 kit float needles replaced and set to factory height carbs completely cleaned and setup new in-line fuel filter new fuel pump new battery new stator new regulator/rectifier new spark plugs carbs checked for vaccum As far as im aware, the bike idles and the engine runs as normal, no abnormal sounds. im at a total loss. i really want to see her full potential and can use all the help i can get. Thanks and much appreciated. Tay
  2. Hey guys. My name's Tay, 23 year old rider from St. Chuck, I've been riding for close to 2 years now and loving every minute of it to say the least :). My weapon is a 93 Kawasaki zx6, and she's being problematic to say the least. I'm hoping with help of my fellow riders I can get her going to her full potential ( I'll make a thread for that) til then, I'm going to enjoy the stay here and get to know some of y'all. Cheers!
  3. As with every single vehicle I've gotten, I've always had battery issues, especially in the cold. After trying to start up my Kawasaki a few days after it was last ridden, it didn't want to start and did that horrifying ticking I've heard in car batteries. The lights would turn on with the key, but as soon as I try to start, even with the choke all the way down, it doesn't want to do anything and the lights shut off until I'm off the start. This was ~40 degrees. When it hit 60 the other week, it turned on just fine. Now it's doing the same thing again, even after we put it on the charger. Is this a common thing when it gets cold out or am I just really unlucky when it comes to things that go vroom?
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