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Found 5 results

  1. Glorious Spring day everyone, I hope we all cashed in a sick day today. Thanks for adding me here at STLAR. I've been a member since Dec but finally making my 1st post (I think). I move to St Charles from San Antonio, and I grew up in East Tennessee right at the tail of the dragon, where I learned to ride unscathed by the grace of God. I happen to be on facebook market place saw a dirt cheap 99 R6 in the local area here, low balled the guy and he actually accepted the offer, now I am riding again after a sentence prohibiting any moto actives from an ex wife. Looking to meet up with future ride/drinking buddies for all things motorcycle and beyond. Not being a native here I don't really know many people outside my work much less those that ride. As well as add more to my garage and break into the track and racing scene learn things I don't know, that I don't even know, I don't know and have fun. My 1st bike was a 1992 Honda CBR F2. I look forward to seeing y'all out there I ride 94 out to Hermann mostly. Now enough of this I didn't call in sick for no reason I'll be on 94. Thanks again for the add! -Stanimal
  2. Hello all, New to this group. Have been riding for few years. Recently got a F4i and looking for some riders to ride with.
  3. Hi everyone! I have been in St. Louis now for a couple years and finally got around to hauling my bike from Nashville, TN. I have been riding since I was about 6- mostly dirt. I bought a new SV1000 in '07. I rode it hard for years, track days and back country roads. I've had to rebuild it twice now due to disagreements with Isaac Newton and his wacko theories about velocity and inertia. So, I would love to meet up with some experienced riders who know a few roads to take that aren't choked with cops and SUV's!!! Also really looking forward to finding out more about local track days. I thought there was a NASCAR track across the river... anyone know what I'm talking about? If anyone wants to know more about me, I invite you to visit my Linkedin page: www.linkedin.com/pub/ian-smith/24/550/a50/
  4. So I picked up my helmet that surdyke ordered me the other day. I'm rather impressed with the whole thing. Its a little to sparkley for me and there is a lot going on with it, but I have grown attached. On the flip side, I have a huge head and this was the only graphic available in this specific model in XXL What do you guys think, to much? And please keep in mind this helmet was free. Also has fog free visor, fully removable padding. And about a thousand vents ( I wear glasses so that's really convenient for the foggin lens issue) and the little wing on the back is cool to.
  5. ok... so i know im VERY new to the forum and the group for that matter but im trying to earn my stripes here... anyone interested in a COUPLES trip to the agusta winerys? i mean everyone is welcome but im gonna try to put together something for the 2 up riders with the gals to the winerys. no super crazy riding...a legit cruise there. its pretty scenery and we are almost out of riding season. this would be later this month...maybe the 20th or 27th. i am a professional chef by trade and from working fine dining for a LONG time i am a bit of a wine snob. this would not be a "hey lets go hit the samples" trip, rather for those couples that enjoy wine. THIS IS JUST A PRELIMINARY POST ABOUT THE TRIP TO GAUGE INTEREST. please lets set something up. again i am availible to text anytime day or night at (314) 605-3712 over and out Travis (T $ )
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