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Found 2 results

  1. Hey friends, as i posted in the new riders intro sub, im having trouble with my 93 kawi zx6e, and being a young adult with very low fundage, i can use all the help i can get. so in short, shes having a bog/stutter issue at 7.5k rpms in 3rd, and @ 6k in 4th and above. heres a list of things gone through/checked/replaced, fuel lines replaced tank filters cleaned new carbs stage 1 kit float needles replaced and set to factory height carbs completely cleaned and setup new in-line fuel filter new fuel pump new battery new stator new regulator/rectifier new spark plugs carbs checked for vaccum As far as im aware, the bike idles and the engine runs as normal, no abnormal sounds. im at a total loss. i really want to see her full potential and can use all the help i can get. Thanks and much appreciated. Tay
  2. Hey guys. My name's Tay, 23 year old rider from St. Chuck, I've been riding for close to 2 years now and loving every minute of it to say the least :). My weapon is a 93 Kawasaki zx6, and she's being problematic to say the least. I'm hoping with help of my fellow riders I can get her going to her full potential ( I'll make a thread for that) til then, I'm going to enjoy the stay here and get to know some of y'all. Cheers!
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