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Shifter Kart For SALE

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Kart Specifications:


Overall Width : 54" to Outside of Wheels/Tires (Adjustable)

Overall Length: 71" - Body Dimensions.




Custom built in 2000.

Frame Length : 62"

Frame Width : 32"

Wheelbase : 42"

Adjustable Ride Height

Adjustable Steering Geometry




5.0/10.5-6 Front Tires

6" Dia. Carbon Fiber Brake Rotors w/Carbon Fiber Pads

11.5/7.1-6 Rear Tires

7" Dia. Carbon Fiber Brake Rotor w/Carbon Fiber Pads

MCP Brake Master Cylinders and Callipers w/Adjustable Linkages

35mm Rear Axle




Stallion 3-Piece Centered Bodywork

Stallion Mini Wheel Fairing

Stallion Full Wheel Fairing


Motor: ($3,995.00 new)


TM KV-95 - Only ran two race weekends. Everything gone through since.

125cc Rotary Valve Two Stroke

Factory Blueprinted and Ported

Cassette Transmission

Dry Clutch

Del Orto 39mm Carburetor

External Water Pump

Factory Tuned Expansion Chamber

50+ HP

* Race Fuel Required * Mixed with High Performance Two Stroke Oil




Digitron DT-33

* Exhaust Gas Temperature

* Water Temperature

* Tachometer

* Memory Functions






Folding Kart Stand W/Pneumatic Tires and Parts Tray

Complete Gearing Set - Internal and Sprockets

Engine Manual

Piston/Ring Set

Complete Carburetor Emulsion Tube and Jetting Kit

Large Assortment of Fasteners and Miscellaneous Hardware

MCP Front Brake Callipers (2)

MCP Brake Master Cylinders (2)

MCP Rear Brake Calliper

Piles of Unused Carbon Rotors and Pads

Several Used and Still Usable Carbon Rotors and Pads

Brake Rotor Carriers

Brake Pad Adjusters (For Rear Callipers)

Motor Mounts

Seat Mounts

Lightweight Upright Seat

Standard 'Hugger' Sprint Seat


Two Sets of Front Spindles

Rear Wheels

Front Wheels

Complete 35mm Rear Axle Assembly

Rear Calliper Carrier

Aluminum Fuel Tank

Plastic Fuel Tank

Steering Wheel Assembly with Clutch Paddle and Steering Linkage

Air Box

Lead Weights




Kart is currently set up for 'Long' track racing. Not parking lot, sharp turn type. Easily set up to suit, but not currently configured for it. This Kart loves fast sweeping corners of larger race tracks. Not for children!!! This Kart is easily capable of speeds of 140mph (when geared accordingly) and acceleration that will leave any rational thought behind.


Short only of spare tires and a trailer, this package will get anyone interested in Kart racing well on their way!


Whole package is worth over $10,000.00.


Asking $4,500.00 or trade for late model sportbike.

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