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I have been on this board for a few years now and most of you know me. I wanted to give back a little, and thought a sponsorship might be the way to go. Some of you know that I moved back into real estate sales this year after a couple of years out focusing on other things. I am re-joining my wife, Robin, and rebuilding the full team that we had when I stepped away.


Robin and I approach our clients with a long term view. We spend significant time offering guidance long before and after purchases or sales. Our time is always best spent guiding clients to make good decisions regarding their property so that when to time comes to sell, their property holds the maximum value and has the best advantages over their competition. We have been rewarded with referrals that average 72-78% of our business each year. We wouldn't obtain that if we didn't make people very happy.


If you have ANY questions about your home, whether it is selling, buying, making improvements, credit questions or just need the name of a quality contractor, give us a call. We will be honest with you on your situation and work with you to reach your goals.


Warmest regards,


(314) 484-7467



(314) 484-2308

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Congrats Robin and Dan... best of luck... Nice banner too.

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I hope things go just as if you got new slicks! :D

hahaha i wasnt there long today but things were great while i was there. I think donatello gets a discount off his entry fees for mowing the grass lol...

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