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Suzuki Accessory Tail Bag

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Hello all!   I'm about done farkling out the V Strom to how I want it. I have the Suzuki hard bags at the rear, and a Suzuki-branded Bags Connection tank bag and tank mount. The rear tail box is $750(!!) + the $100 rack mount from Suzuki, so I was looking for a tailbag for the rear rack. The one I got from Suzuki is OK, flattens to 2", expands to a foot. But I saw one on the Suzuki UK website that knocked me out. Not available here in the US even under a Suzuki part number. I sent the pic and link to my son Ryan, who then contacted Suzuki UK, who said they couldnt sell it to me. But...they sent me to a UK dealer website, Ryan contacted them...and 8 days later I have the tailbag that matches my tankbag.

 IMG_0776.jpg I dont need the sidebages on the bike for most of my riding, and having just the tailbag will facilitate parking the bike in the garage.

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Looks like that bag could hold some to go pie in it.

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