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Cruise success!

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Found a inexpensive cruise/throttle lock that works awesome for my rc51. 

Many of you prolly already familiar with, but in case someone isnt,

Basically same principle as the ones I used to see on many of the older japanese bikes.  I remember having something like this on my old cb750. 


Cost was $20 and the brand is NEP.  Most online parts places sell them.  They make several model specific ones.

I also like that it doesnt take up any grip area



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On 9/6/2017 at 9:32 AM, Road_Runner said:

I have tried the throttlemeister and was not impressed. 


I've got one on my busa and hurricane and they work well for me, and I think they are top notch craftsmanship, but, pretty pricey, and certainly not as quick to set and lock as some of the others.  certainly nowhere as quick as this NEP I just installed.

I do envy the guys that have the factory installed cruise control that works just like a car.  I am guessing thats getting more popular on the cruisers these days

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