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Suzuki brings the Hayabusa to an end.

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But they might bring in a new turbo or supercharged 1300 cc motorcycle.

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From what I have read on the internet the hayabusa just won't be sold in Europe for the next year but the new year model will still be sold everywhere else because not meeting the new euro emmision standards.  If they are to continue it then some upgrades are certainly in order since the current 2cnd generation has had no updates (aside from abs) since 08.

I just recently sold mine on cl.  Hated to see it go but being I have another bike that serves the same purpose (heavy sport tourer), I figured let it go now while I can get a decent price before a new generation hayabusa comes out.  And I am learning I just don't enjoy riding a heavier bike through the turns as my riding skillz progress. 


bye bye busa :( 






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