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z125, GROM, Monkey

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So how many people do we have that have z125, GROM, Monkey or such in the group?


I'm considering one again and was wondering how many of our people are riding them.

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I am still rockin the kymco spade 150.  The z125 was a cool little machine but I wanted more top speed to get to meet spots quicker since I live so far out.

Kelley just ordered a Lifan KP150 from amazon for  litterally $1880 shipped to my garage in a crate.  2 year warranty.  She likes the sporty look and I suggested it since its 25 more cc than a grom or z125 and also has 5 gears like my spade.  I took it for a ride up the road and back and I think its even faster than my spade.  Has front rear disc, gear indicator, fuel gauge.  Only down side imo is its carberated, but it fired right up first time and purrs like a kitten. Guess now we see how wellnit holds up😁

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