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Arkansas Trip 5/9 to 5/11 - CANCELLED

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The site has been dead for a while but it doesn't hurt to post this ride here.

@jjester and I are planning on riding to AR Sunday (if I get home in time Saturday) or Monday and return Wednesday.

All the details will be finalized as we get closer but counting on 5/9-5/11

Meet spot: Eureka QT likely at 7:30, leave at 8 am

Pace: Depends but we usually keep a 'spirited pace' usually.

Destination: Mountain Home AR Booked Here

New tires, maintenance on the bike are a must for these trips.

As usual, here are the rules (of course borrowed from other members :) )

To the newer riders and us rest as refreshers: Add if I have missed anything:
A. We will want some contact names / numbers given to someone before we depart.
B. Consider your options if your bike fails and we cannot repair or a crash happens. The ride continues. What will you do?
C. Consider letting someone else know you might need to have them make a trip and pick you up.
D. Unless you know exactly the miles you get and have a solid 30% afterwards new tires are recommended at the time we leave.
E. All maintenance, Chains, Sprockets, Brakes, etc. up to date before departure.
F. Consider getting a tire repair kit and having (6 )Co2 cartridges.
G. Windex wipes or plexus w/ terry cloth wipes for visors
H. Rain Gear prepared. Hope for no rain. 
I. Communication units. A few us us will have them with us. (options)
J. Cell number exchange at meeting departure.

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