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Anyone thinking about riding Sunday Mar 26th

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It will be a game day decision for me. Just like always... I was planning on trying to ride on Saturday but it looks like the rain is holding off on Sunday until the PM. I was just planning on a Calhoun County Cruise for myself. My brain is still not working right and I'm really out'a practice so I'll be the slow guy. Maybe just let me know where to show up for lunch if you can. -GB


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On 3/20/2023 at 7:04 PM, jjester said:

Weather is looking like it might be decent for Sunday but after next few days of rain coming.






@jjester meeting at Eureka QT @9:30 


Edit: never mind….note to self read the full tread before replying

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After the meet spot we went towards Burbon. Then on to Hwy E and Purdy’s restaurant. It was my first time there and it is good. I had the chicken fingers and it tasted fresh made. Some people had the big fat juicy burgers which was too big to eat and then get on a sports bike😊

i had a great time and James your Beast looks awesome .

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Great time today! Nathan bike is beautiful. Stewart always fun. Dave always a blast! Glad the slowduc did well. I got alot to wrap my head around all and all very happy with the bike. 

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