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    Great day 👍👍👍👍
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    Who's going to the last MCRA event of the year? They really need some more riders to come out, the attendance has been low this year. I will be there both days! And setting up on Friday afternoon.
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    Home safe. Had a great time. Thanks all for coming out.
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    If it Doesn't Say Made in the USA,Let it Lay !!!
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    Just renewed both bike's plates online wrote this post and scrolled down to see it's old news...
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    Well Paul didn’t fly too far. But it was great seeing paul and Galen. Despite salt,gravel and mudd it still was a fantastic day. Eric it was nice meeting and riding with you. As always Dave set out great routes.
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    But HP and Torque? And the 3 cylinder sounds so good I have not even changed the exhaust.
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    Can’t wait to ride this season!!
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    It was due to just a very few instigators who would stir up $#!÷ and then delete their posts to cover their tracks. Some people would threaten others with bodily harm or vandalism to their bike or other property and then delete their own post and deny it. Maybe not pertinent any more.
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    I didn’t get any notifications but it sure was a nice day (especially for November) for a ride to Bixby😊
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    Can I say maybe 😃 I will come dressed like a super Trucker
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    Probably see you down there... but I'll be going a little slower... have fun
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    Bike looks fine I'll post something for tomorrow, and @natnaz can post for Sunday, I'll come out for both days.
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    I would go but will be in Sonoma for next weekend’s Moto America race.:)
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    They're done and I've passed the link on to Stephanie to post on MCRA, I really have no idea why it hasn't been posted yet.
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    Thank you to everyone that came. I ended up taking T to A to 47 then 94. Very busy out there. I guess everyone is off.
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    Meet at eureka QT ksu 10:30.
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    U guys have fun I’ll be doing a shorter ride with Kathy today🙂
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    I wish I could ride dirt :( I tried Todd's bike and sucked so I gave up. I wish I kept it and tried more but maybe I'm too old to learn new stuff.
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    below is the hotel I have a reservation for the weekend. https://www.choicehotels.com/texas/buda/comfort-suites-hotels/txc51
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    I shall check it out. There are a few good documentaries on Amazon prime. Let’s hope this year we ride more often than being indoors and watching movies.
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    Happy Birthday BARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just remembered that this morning... Either way, we'll make due.
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    Okay leaving start time as is. I wouldn't want to leave any later if we're doing Bixby. Bourbon route is shorter.
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    Ops, I thought it was tonight Glad I didn't drive out with out checking first
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    Those kinds of trips is what makes for good conversation, glad it was over all good, and everyone home safe.
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    Anything but Bixby 👍 so yes for me.
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    You just love to hate him. He's like the Dallas cowboys (of the 70's) on wheels.
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    Thanks for taking care of this Jason 🏁
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    As soon as they get the refueling/range thing figured out I'll be ready.
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    Hey, I got drafted to navigate I do not want to hear another word about it. 😝
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    And thanks for leading, Dave!
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    Destination: Bixby Meet up Location: Eureka QT Meet: 8:30 KSU: 9:00  
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    My condolences to you and your family.
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    Lunch in Hernann... sorry to miss this.
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    Damn that's early. But, I'll give it a shot.
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    Hot dog not only am I here but even 20 min early🤘
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    I really want to go on this ride, but I also want to stay married! I am out. (Wife has been out of town for a month and wants all my attention this weekend.)
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    MotoGP's Grand Prix of the Americas event has been thrown into significant doubt following the declaration of a state of emergency in host city Austin due to the coronavirus outbreak. https://www.motorsport.com/motogp/news/cota-austin-emergency-coronavirus/4725855/ https://www.crash.net/motogp/news/937122/1/austin-motogp-doubts-increase-after-local-state-disaster
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