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    Completed my display last night:) 🏍🌲🎅🏻 Seasons Greetings!
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    Joe’s Back.....Got out and rode for the first time. Things went well and I am at 60% on the arm, I figured once I was over 50% I was good to go:)
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Hope everyone has a good and safe Holiday with your friends and families. I also hope to be seeing more of all of you in the future:)
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    Some pictures. I didn't get Galen and Carol before they left but their costumes were cool.
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    Glad you guys had fun! Sad I missed it. Got the dates mixed up, thought it was next weekend. On the bright side, my schedule conflict took me to Tennessee, so I rode Deals Gap instead.
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    Just wanted to take a moment to remember my friend Pops on his birthday. Yes, he was a character, that's what makes this organization great. RIP my friend.
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    Home safe. Nice group. About 1100 miles. Thanks Dave for leading.
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    Especially a back up bike that is signed by Kenny Roberts Sr and Kenny Roberts Jr:)
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    Had some ups and some downs but overall I still enjoyed the weekend!
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    Some pictures. I didn't use the rain tires this weekend but they will be ready for next time.
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    I had an amazing time this weekend. Sunday started out cold and damp but the track dried and it was a great weekend overall!! @Dippnet Won a Kawi z125, Congrats Buddy!
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    Close toed shoes? I'm out then. I just got my new ridin boots too
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    Thank you all for joining me for an Epic ride today. Wouldn’t change a moment of the whole day. See you all soon
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    It is with great pleasure we announce our Retirement! Stop by say Hi! And check out the remaining gear and parts all at significantly low prices! Thanks for the biz.
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    Home safe, I had an amazing time. Our Pathfinder came through big time. Thanks to all who made it out and a huge thanks to Dave!!
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    I waited til 9:20 then went riding. Beautiful down south. Hit bixby for lunch then headed to Eminence. 376 miles today ??? bought a new Yamaha fz07 yesterday had to break her in.
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    Home safe. 400 miles. Great day. Thanks for putting it together Nate. Hermann turned into Cuba and Bixby ? My kind of adventure.