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    Glad you guys had fun! Sad I missed it. Got the dates mixed up, thought it was next weekend. On the bright side, my schedule conflict took me to Tennessee, so I rode Deals Gap instead.
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    Just wanted to take a moment to remember my friend Pops on his birthday. Yes, he was a character, that's what makes this organization great. RIP my friend.
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    Home safe. Nice group. About 1100 miles. Thanks Dave for leading.
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    Especially a back up bike that is signed by Kenny Roberts Sr and Kenny Roberts Jr:)
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    Had some ups and some downs but overall I still enjoyed the weekend!
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    Some pictures. I didn't use the rain tires this weekend but they will be ready for next time.
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    I had an amazing time this weekend. Sunday started out cold and damp but the track dried and it was a great weekend overall!! @Dippnet Won a Kawi z125, Congrats Buddy!
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    Close toed shoes? I'm out then. I just got my new ridin boots too
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    Thank you all for joining me for an Epic ride today. Wouldn’t change a moment of the whole day. See you all soon
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    I had a minor get off, I missed one session and got back out. @crash and @stiffneck helped me get the bike back up and running in hurry. Overall I had a blast it was an amazing weekend, big thanks to all my STLAR buddies @stiffneck @reed12b and @Dippnet. And I can not thank @crash enough for all the stuff he did to help me get the bike ready for and out to the track and back!!!
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    Thanks everyone for making this such a great trip....we had a great time with some awesome people.
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    There it is guys, had a great weekend till this. I will come back better and stronger ??
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    Barry's fashion statements!
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    I waited til 9:20 then went riding. Beautiful down south. Hit bixby for lunch then headed to Eminence. 376 miles today ??? bought a new Yamaha fz07 yesterday had to break her in.
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    I've been laid up a few days here and unfortunately that has meant a lot of boredom. I have truly enjoyed many of the pictures and videos that so many of you posted here and on Facebook. Unfortunately one of the videos I viewed contained some startling footage of a motorcycle crash scene. (If any of you are involved with the motorcycle community on Facebook you know the video, but that's another story.) The thing I noticed was the confusion... literally havoc at the scene. No one new what to do, no one was communicating. I know that heroic efforts were performed but there was plenty left undone. I am not trying to be critical but I also know that STLAR, as an organization, has invested a lot over the years in learning how to handle these situations and that we can be effective should the need arrive. It was a grim reminder of how important the knowledge of how we should behave in these situations is. This year, through my company, I was trained as a Disaster Response Team member and some of the information and training I received... I truly was not prepared for the frankness with which it was discussed. That having been said we have a lot of new members and it's been a while since we have had a session on Scene Management so at the very least I think we should all at least review the slides on how to behave and the roles that need to be filled during an incident. Please everyone take a look at this post and review the slides therein. If you are new and have questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    Home safe. 400 miles. Great day. Thanks for putting it together Nate. Hermann turned into Cuba and Bixby ? My kind of adventure.
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    Dr. Khaled thanks for posting the ride and Dave as always fantastic routes. Eric I’m glad you decided to join us. See you guys soon.
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    Great vid, Steve! That road is one of my favorites! Most of us were cleaning bugs off the bikes last night but I'm pretty sure Dave was pulling a bird outta his radiator.
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    Excused the distracting fluff occasionally on the lens. I glued a bit of wind screen stuff over the mics, which are right under the lens. Apparently I didn't trim them back enough. I've given it a haircut while making this vid.
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    It’s back baby! It’s so ugly that I actually think it’s cool.