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    Picked up the H2 SX SE from JMP Cycle yesterday. Everything went great! I still think Kawi is being kinda cheap not including bags with this ride, but, whatever. Bags are on order. Because this sled will be required to go places. Looking forward to getting that first 600 miles done.
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    Had it waiting for me when I got there. Quick test ride, signed the paperwork, loaded it up and came home. Had zero miles on it.
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    What has 2 thumbs and just put down a deposit on one o' these:
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    Weekend was a blast! Weather was great Friday and Sunday, not too bad on Saturday until we went to leave and then the rain started coming down. Never underestimate wind chill at COTA, it was freaking cold Sunday morning. I posted some random pics on Facebook the past few days but here's a few from Friday & Saturday for the non-Facebook folks. Tonight I might get to do a few highlights from the races yesterday. Much better photos from Sunday. Not a technically good picture but still interesting to look at...
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    Yes... it came in the form of a 300hp car
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    Looks like Friday will be the day I finally own more than one Japanese bike at once After having a pair of English bikes for over a year now. 'Course, I'm not getting rid of anything...yet. I might qualify for bike hoarder after this.
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    Just an update. Todd let me know that Dozer Dave is out of surgery for a stent and should be home today. I just wanted to let everyone know.
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    Out practicing today.
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    Great ride today. Had a lot of new and OLD faces. Hope everyone had a good time, I know I did.
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    Missing riding and this picture is so tempting.
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    Is she single??? Never mind I just remembered what happened the last time I dated someone from there!
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    Ok I got the 2018A based on your recommendation .
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    I gave Bridgette her first ever ride on a motorcycle.
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    Glorious Spring day everyone, I hope we all cashed in a sick day today. Thanks for adding me here at STLAR. I've been a member since Dec but finally making my 1st post (I think). I move to St Charles from San Antonio, and I grew up in East Tennessee right at the tail of the dragon, where I learned to ride unscathed by the grace of God. I happen to be on facebook market place saw a dirt cheap 99 R6 in the local area here, low balled the guy and he actually accepted the offer, now I am riding again after a sentence prohibiting any moto actives from an ex wife. Looking to meet up with future ride/drinking buddies for all things motorcycle and beyond. Not being a native here I don't really know many people outside my work much less those that ride. As well as add more to my garage and break into the track and racing scene learn things I don't know, that I don't even know, I don't know and have fun. My 1st bike was a 1992 Honda CBR F2. I look forward to seeing y'all out there I ride 94 out to Hermann mostly. Now enough of this I didn't call in sick for no reason I'll be on 94. Thanks again for the add! -Stanimal
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    Too late, Mike. You're in charge of the bikini bike wash. Bust out your 2-piece and schedule your waxing.
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    Just so we are clear .... Everyone is welcome to come out to Texas and have some fun! If we plan any big multi state rides or anything like that I might post them up here as well just in case someone has some time and wants to go with a group on some fun trips like that.
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    First herman ride on my new bagger. Goin it solo today trying to get used to all my new gadgets. I picked this up couple weeks ago so havent been paying much attention to the forum, which is good for you guys so you dont have to put up with all my nonsense post My cruiser of the last 8 years has recently started draggimg hard parts so often its startimg to really getting annoying. I have a little over 300 miles so far. All kinds of new stuff I've never had before: Abs Traction control Blue tooth Adjustable suspension on the fly Radio Cruise Luggage carry space Shaft drive Carbon fiber galore Probably a couple more I cant think of at the moment Thought it was fitting that a bike called the "flying fortress" is parked at wings a blazin
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    These new restrictions on profanity are bullshit. That is all.
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    You mean like this? EDIT: Except with a sail I guess
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    I find it much easier watching.
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    You are a better person than me. My wife gave me a lecture yesterday about getting the basement finished. I'm riding this morning. Hopefully she isn't too mad when she wakes up.
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    I knew what he meant... I can haul all my sailing gear over to Carlyle on this... and I will not have to spend so much time on maintenance. Ol'blue was a great bike but getting a little long in the tooth. I also have some trips to Arkansas and Iowa/Wisconsin I want to make.