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    Dont think foir a second Ive given up riding. Between some health issues, home maintenance and repair, and the impending birth of our 1st grandchild, motorcycling has taken a back seat to other necessary activities. As Arnold once said..."I'LL BE BACK!!!"
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    I thought you already knew how to pole dance 😉 Just kidding
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    Annual Santa rides to bixby Saturday 12-7-19 Meet Eureka QT 10:00 Feel free to dress as Santa’s helper, elf , mrs claus etc. Rain/snow date Sunday 12-8-19 If you wanna dress up as Santa like me go for it. Really confuse the kids. 😆
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    If it Doesn't Say Made in the USA,Let it Lay !!!
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    I made it home with No issues. Until I spun the rear tire for my post ride inspection. LOOK, a nail in the rear tire !!! No wonder the rear had a slight instability. But,I had fun riding with Stuart & Nate !!!!
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    Was in Gulf Shores Alabama, swimming.
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    Just renewed both bike's plates online wrote this post and scrolled down to see it's old news...
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    Sorry I missed this. I was doing something a little different this weekend.
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    I'll be at at Speed's house between 7 and 7:20. I have 1 duffle about 24x10x10 inches. Chicago Weather Friday: Lake effect snow early, then partly sunny. High: 33, Low: 24 Saturday: Cloudy with flurries. High: 32, Low: 23
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    Well Paul didn’t fly too far. But it was great seeing paul and Galen. Despite salt,gravel and mudd it still was a fantastic day. Eric it was nice meeting and riding with you. As always Dave set out great routes.
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    But HP and Torque? And the 3 cylinder sounds so good I have not even changed the exhaust.
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    Can’t wait to ride this season!!
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    Dang I was so on the fence about riding, I should have came and checked the site. I hope you guys a had a good time.
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    It was due to just a very few instigators who would stir up $#!÷ and then delete their posts to cover their tracks. Some people would threaten others with bodily harm or vandalism to their bike or other property and then delete their own post and deny it. Maybe not pertinent any more.
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    Yes it was thank you ! Been a while I’m glad I didn’t get lost😊
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    I didn’t get any notifications but it sure was a nice day (especially for November) for a ride to Bixby😊
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    Maybe this Sunday we all can do a ride. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and roads should be cleaned by then.
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    Thank you to everyone that came. I ended up taking T to A to 47 then 94. Very busy out there. I guess everyone is off.
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    Belated Happy Birthday 🏁
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    Don't you own a German and a British motorcycle? 😄
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    Meet at eureka QT ksu 10:30.
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    aaaaand I scrolled down far enough to read this post.
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    Beat me to it, Dave. Was getting ready to pay the link. This should make Austin much more interesting being the kickoff for the GP class.
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    Soooooo many things still to learn...👀
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    U guys have fun I’ll be doing a shorter ride with Kathy today🙂
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    I wish I could ride dirt :( I tried Todd's bike and sucked so I gave up. I wish I kept it and tried more but maybe I'm too old to learn new stuff.
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    below is the hotel I have a reservation for the weekend. https://www.choicehotels.com/texas/buda/comfort-suites-hotels/txc51
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    I ordered my tickets for the 2020 MotoGP at COTA (Austin, TX) this morning. I got the below link yesterday, for a offer that ends tonight. http://circuitoftheamericas.com/seasons-speedings?
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    I shall check it out. There are a few good documentaries on Amazon prime. Let’s hope this year we ride more often than being indoors and watching movies.
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    Too bad most of you have sold your bikes or aren’t riding anymore. Today even with the wet roads and threat of rain we had a great day. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.
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    Happy Birthday BARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was thinking about decorating the Santa wagon, but too cold Sat. Yes, it has heat, and I did start my mc life in December, but that was when I was 19 and stupider than I am now... Sunday maybe.
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    May head for Bixby Monday the 25th if anyone wants to get in one more before it snows? Departing from St. Peter’s or Chesterfield depending if anyone joins me. I have not decided on a time yet but it will need to be at least 40 before I role.
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    I just remembered that this morning... Either way, we'll make due.
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    I think I can, just got home from work, I'll see if something starts.
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    I never got around to a "facebook" account, a.k.a. facepage, buttbook and liebook. IMO, this is what destroyed "forums".
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    Well Craigslist has shut down its personals section so maybe ... http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/23/technology/craigslist-personals-shutdown/index.html
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    MotoGP's Grand Prix of the Americas event has been thrown into significant doubt following the declaration of a state of emergency in host city Austin due to the coronavirus outbreak. https://www.motorsport.com/motogp/news/cota-austin-emergency-coronavirus/4725855/ https://www.crash.net/motogp/news/937122/1/austin-motogp-doubts-increase-after-local-state-disaster
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