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    Weekend was a blast! Weather was great Friday and Sunday, not too bad on Saturday until we went to leave and then the rain started coming down. Never underestimate wind chill at COTA, it was freaking cold Sunday morning. I posted some random pics on Facebook the past few days but here's a few from Friday & Saturday for the non-Facebook folks. Tonight I might get to do a few highlights from the races yesterday. Much better photos from Sunday. Not a technically good picture but still interesting to look at...
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    I had an AMAZING TIME!
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    Just an update. Todd let me know that Dozer Dave is out of surgery for a stent and should be home today. I just wanted to let everyone know.
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    Just wanted to take a moment to remember my friend Pops on his birthday. Yes, he was a character, that's what makes this organization great. RIP my friend.
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    Good weekend overall.
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    Great ride today. Had a lot of new and OLD faces. Hope everyone had a good time, I know I did.
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    Close toed shoes? I'm out then. I just got my new ridin boots too
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    Thank you all for joining me for an Epic ride today. Wouldn’t change a moment of the whole day. See you all soon
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    I had a minor get off, I missed one session and got back out. @crash and @stiffneck helped me get the bike back up and running in hurry. Overall I had a blast it was an amazing weekend, big thanks to all my STLAR buddies @stiffneck @reed12b and @Dippnet. And I can not thank @crash enough for all the stuff he did to help me get the bike ready for and out to the track and back!!!
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    Wife n I got the rucks out for some pics around town.
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    I waited til 9:20 then went riding. Beautiful down south. Hit bixby for lunch then headed to Eminence. 376 miles today ??? bought a new Yamaha fz07 yesterday had to break her in.
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    Home safe. 400 miles. Great day. Thanks for putting it together Nate. Hermann turned into Cuba and Bixby ? My kind of adventure.
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    Dr. Khaled thanks for posting the ride and Dave as always fantastic routes. Eric I’m glad you decided to join us. See you guys soon.
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    Great vid, Steve! That road is one of my favorites! Most of us were cleaning bugs off the bikes last night but I'm pretty sure Dave was pulling a bird outta his radiator.
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    It’s back baby! It’s so ugly that I actually think it’s cool.
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    Heres a little phone conversation to get you familiar with bixby
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    Now it will be interesting to hear Loenzo's 99 reasons why he did not win on a Honda.
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    To any prospective members of this riders group: this was all filmed on the way to Bixby where we ride... Come ride with us; bring plenty of ammo!
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    You are a better person than me. My wife gave me a lecture yesterday about getting the basement finished. I'm riding this morning. Hopefully she isn't too mad when she wakes up.
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    I didn't say that this time Leathers are always good.