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    I got the best present this year. It has been a long court and costly battle but Yousef has finally moved in with us. He asked to do so 2 years ago (but did not want to deal with the blow back from his mother) and then again at the beginning of this summer (when he was ready). In any case, this will likely mean that I will ride less and make less meetings but I can deal with that knowing he is happier here than he was at the other house. Otherwise, Michele did get me some cool presents: Tire warmers (so no excuse not to go to track, at least the close ones) and some other goodies from Moto-D Moto Loot ring I also received some tools that I wanted from family. Merry Christmas.
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    Had it waiting for me when I got there. Quick test ride, signed the paperwork, loaded it up and came home. Had zero miles on it.
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    What has 2 thumbs and just put down a deposit on one o' these:
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    Picking up tomorrow. This ain't no canyon carver though; Gonna have to learn how to hang off of it I think. 2010 ABS/NAVI, 11K Miles. Thanks for finding this, Ed!
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    Hello everybody! Happy New Year to all,(I thought I'd get an early jump on this) especially my Stlar friends. A ways off for sure, but our 1st meeting of 2018 is March 6 at Culpepper's St Charles. Gives us something club-related to look forward to. I'll start this, but if anybody wants to add theirs, here are my NY's Resolutions: 1) Ride MORE. 2) Eat LESS, and healthier. I'd like to lose 20 lbs or more 3) Empty my house of all unnecessary crap. I started a couple of months ago--I can now see from one end of my basement to the other. I actually have a tile floor down there. Who knew? They know me on a 1st name basis at the local GoodWill Donation Center. 4) Go through the carburetors on my '81 Honda CB750K for the 6th-and hopefully final--time in 37 years of ownership. 5) Ride the ZRX. Since I got the Vstrom this past January, Ive had the ZRX out of the garage exactly twice. Pathetic, no excuse. 6) And the most important one...ENJOY LIFE!!! Terry
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    Santa was good to me boys. Time to brag Got all kinds of cool stuff Moto related. Icon brozak helmet Waterproof riding boots/shoes Motion pro chain alignment tool Motion pro sprocket jammer Motion pro slack setter Ryobi portable tire inflator Some Yamaha shirts and hoodies Inspection camera Made out like a bandit and I'm super excited. None of my friends or family ride so I can't share excitement with them. 2018 might be my last full season with you hooligans, so I'll try to make the most of it. What did Santa bring you all? Hope everyone had a merry Xmas.
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    Out practicing today.
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    Is she single??? Never mind I just remembered what happened the last time I dated someone from there!
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    Ok I got the 2018A based on your recommendation .
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    I gave Bridgette her first ever ride on a motorcycle.
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    Finally back on the bike today. 45 and raining, but it's been a while since I've grinned that much.
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    I got to spend Christmas with family.
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    First herman ride on my new bagger. Goin it solo today trying to get used to all my new gadgets. I picked this up couple weeks ago so havent been paying much attention to the forum, which is good for you guys so you dont have to put up with all my nonsense post My cruiser of the last 8 years has recently started draggimg hard parts so often its startimg to really getting annoying. I have a little over 300 miles so far. All kinds of new stuff I've never had before: Abs Traction control Blue tooth Adjustable suspension on the fly Radio Cruise Luggage carry space Shaft drive Carbon fiber galore Probably a couple more I cant think of at the moment Thought it was fitting that a bike called the "flying fortress" is parked at wings a blazin
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    You mean like this? EDIT: Except with a sail I guess
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    I find it much easier watching.
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    If he comes to a meeting and galen n I are sitting near each other , he could be scarred for life
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    Got some more done on the Z.....today worked on "the hill"
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    I was just thinking about Mike a couple of days ago...and I am sad to hear of his passing. Mike's will to survive surely kept him going, and I can only imagine the many prayers (along with mine) that are being said for Mike's family and friends. Some of the things I remember most about Mike: - You hardly ever saw him without a smile on his face - He made you feel welcomed whether you were a newbie or a long-timer, whether you were on a ride or at a club meeting/event - He was genuinely funny and just plain fun to be around - He never got tired of all the jokes about having to add oil to his bike after every ride - and he got a kick out of "Mike's dedicated quart of oil" sitting on the shelf for him in Bixby - He was one of THE most skilled riders in STLAR - and a blast to watch for the few seconds before he was out of sight (or on video for those of us that don't have front-rider pace). He has a legacy in STLAR...at least for me...that will live on. I hope he is riding like the wind right now!!!
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    Happy new year to all my two wheel and one wheel friends! Stay warm and be careful see you next year Thanks for a great year of riding!
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    Picking up a new ctx1300 this Saturday need a long distance mile eater
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    I celebrated both my parents finally retiring this month! With them. Mom was done on Dec 11. And the 23rd was dad's last day working for someone else. Oh, and crab legs and champagne dinner with the parents.