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  1. Donna and I will be there at the 10 am service, we registered. I am so dad over this.
  2. I got a bunch of notifications in my email last night, about a few threads... humn...
  3. It is looking more like a not making it situation πŸ˜•
  4. Those kinds of trips is what makes for good conversation, glad it was over all good, and everyone home safe.
  5. I really enjoyed doing that. Will need to do that again in the spring though, my Wifey does not like it cold.
  6. Can I say maybe πŸ˜ƒ I will come dressed like a super Trucker
  7. FYI. aside from that I don't have FB anymore the reason I don't are are for the reason I would hate to see STLAR go there. None of my business since I have been absent anyway I guess. I did vote a NO though. 1. Zuckerberg says FB owns all content and can so what ever they choose with that content and statistics. He did not mind paying a multi-billion dollar fine for violating the laws doing so either. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/technology/facebook-ftc-fine.html 2. His organization could close the group anytime, if he/they deems it to be done for whatever reason, justified or not. 3. Should something happen to the FB or the FB group and a number of people were exclusively there, well would they find their way to the STLAR website. 4. What would happen to the STLAR website?
  8. I hope your doing good, I tried calling a while ago will try again soon.
  9. Wow, I got a similar email, ignored it, must have been doing the dirty deed in my sleep, oh and without a computer. I just changed my password. They did not show me my password though. SMH...
  10. Greetings from Hartford City Hoosierland. Sorry been absent, but life got really really busy, as some know I got married, and bought a Goldwing. Sold the Goldwing and bought another Blackbird (a really really nice one)The rest of the story is I had to do dirt work around our house to have the ground drain around the house instead of into the garage and into the basement, that was a party in itself. I rebuilt the garage and insulated it and installed A/C and Heat blah blah made it nice. I bought a truck (big semi truck) in January and been really enjoying owning a big truck. I am making a decent living doing it but geez I need to eat less, gaining weight has been a big issue, although I like food so it is a battle. I finally bought a chatterbox X1 headset hope you all still use them, look forward to one day taking a weekend and coming out there for a Bixby or Hannible ride. I did leave Facebook due to, well politics, and the uge to blab on stuff that I should not really get bent on was too strong and I am much happier not seeing all that social stuff, and all over all. Not to mention Zuckerbergs attitude that he is allowed to do whatever he wishes with our info. I do miss you guys and the rides. I hope all are well and think about all that I know, every time I look at my bike and reminisce on the good days. One day we will be out there before it gets too cold out, soon I hope. At least I get to see some action from there watching Todd's Videos and trollin' from afar that way. Hope to see you all Soon. ~Brandi aka Aphrodite
  11. Greetings and welcome! I am in New York now... Rochester, waiting to be unloaded...

  13. It is still on and I still plan on being there. Heck might even ride the bike there from Elwood. I am not abandoning my task. Would be nice to see people post up what they plan on bringing would be very grateful for that ;)
  14. Happy birthday on here too Khaled!
  15. "Cool" pictures! If it was you they were curtious and was riding like they should IMO.
  16. Who is that in the green? You passed me in my semi before.
  17. That is what I am thinking can not find anything relevant to pictures. I do pay 80 a year to upload up to 5gb a week. I have uploaded maybe 1gb in 2 years lol
  18. I have a paid account with them I need to check them out. I pay 80 a year because I was planning on uploading a lot of videos and they allow you, since you pay, to use what ever tunage on the videos.
  19. I heard good things about the cooling vest as far as low humidity areas, but no idea how they will do in Missouri.
  20. You need to get A/C installed on your gear ? Go to DQ for ice cream ? Don't know if I will be back in town yet stay cool and shiney side up guys, and have fun!
  21. Aphrodite


    Wednesday night, was going through MO out of Ill along through Hannible and had so many bugs hitting the windshield it was like it was raining.
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