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  1. Never been. Looks like the perfect year to start! I'm down for riding rain or shine!!!!!
  2. Only place i know where it is is Hannibal. So I'm down with whatever! Time and place is all i need.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to some rides. Hopefully it's not too late in the season!
  4. So. What it be like YO!! Been riding bikes now for 15 yrs. Here is my progression: 1. Super old Yamaha 450 2. 2000 Katana 600 3. 2001 TLR1000 - Hindsight that was too much of a jump but i made it!! 4. 2005 Hayabusa - Loved the bike. didnt corner worth a crap but i could definately catch up! 5. 2009 Ninja - Shouldnt have gotten this one.. way disappointed. 6. 2009 Yamaha Road Warrier Cruiser - Till this point i never had a accident. i wouldnt suggest going from a Sport bike to a cruiser. this bike went down twice. Just sold it (FYI i was lied to by the misses.. she said she would ride if i got a cruiser and never did DOH thats what i get!!) 7. 2013 GSXR1000 - Absolutly love this bike .. has the response of the busa but way better handling arround the corners. Of all these years ive always been a loan rider. looking forward to being part of a group or getting out with a group of riders. I live out in Wentzville..and im ready to ride whenever where ever.
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