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  1. Mr_GSXR_MAN

    Springfield Mile, Sunday Aug 31st

    Never been. Looks like the perfect year to start! I'm down for riding rain or shine!!!!!
  2. Mr_GSXR_MAN

    Sunday the 27th Ride

    Only place i know where it is is Hannibal. So I'm down with whatever! Time and place is all i need.
  3. Mr_GSXR_MAN

    Whats Up Everyone!!!

    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to some rides. Hopefully it's not too late in the season!
  4. Mr_GSXR_MAN

    Whats Up Everyone!!!

    So. What it be like YO!! Been riding bikes now for 15 yrs. Here is my progression: 1. Super old Yamaha 450 2. 2000 Katana 600 3. 2001 TLR1000 - Hindsight that was too much of a jump but i made it!! 4. 2005 Hayabusa - Loved the bike. didnt corner worth a crap but i could definately catch up! 5. 2009 Ninja - Shouldnt have gotten this one.. way disappointed. 6. 2009 Yamaha Road Warrier Cruiser - Till this point i never had a accident. i wouldnt suggest going from a Sport bike to a cruiser. this bike went down twice. Just sold it (FYI i was lied to by the misses.. she said she would ride if i got a cruiser and never did DOH thats what i get!!) 7. 2013 GSXR1000 - Absolutly love this bike .. has the response of the busa but way better handling arround the corners. Of all these years ive always been a loan rider. looking forward to being part of a group or getting out with a group of riders. I live out in Wentzville..and im ready to ride whenever where ever.