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  1. Went for a ride today. Looks like ya'll have been there before.
  2. I'm out. Gotta work.
  3. Get a section of smaller pvc pipe or similiar. You can use that to better locate the sound. Just don't get it caught on anything moving when you start listening. It sounds the same as my buddies old mustang when the smog pump crapped out.
  4. My brother makes fun of me because out of all the times I have wrecked, I only low sided once and it was on a dirt bike. I am always stupid and try to save it. I do for a second, then I flip over the tall side. Maybe with more practice I can get it right? Maybe I will just ride a little smarter
  5. I always feel like a little kid going to Disney land before a track day. I'm nervous, I'm excited. Is this the day I will finally lowside instead of flipping over my bike for the hundreth time?
  6. I left you a note on the chat, before I noticed the thread. Catch you next time
  7. I was thinking about picking up a $20 ebay double bubble just to see if I liked it. Seems like it would be the hot ticket to reduce high speed wind buffetting
  8. I rode the Supersport S First. The bike felt perfect ergonomically for me. The lower rpm power was very surprising now that I am used to an inline 600. I am used to wrapping the motor out to get power, but the Supersport didn't require insane engine speed. I did feel like it gave up abruptly when I did wrap it all the way out. Makes me wonder how it would be as a track bike because of that. As far as handling, I thought this bike was insane. I wasn't able to take anything very quickly, but the bike just went where I wanted it to go when I had the thought of turning. It felt good at the S curve type section towards the end of the ride, but again, I couldn't really put enough speed on to really test things. Second bike was the Speed Triple. I am absolutely in love. I can say that this bike is the most fun bike I have ridden. Gobs of power, sexy sound, light weight, wide bars. Whats not to love. It felt a little twitchy compared to a sport bike, but I could definitely see tracking this bike. For a street bike, I can't imagine a better package. Last bike was the hypermotard. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. It wasn't that I didn't like the bike. The bike was a ton of fun but I was comparing it to my KLX450 motard. My KLX couldn't keep the wheel down if I tried. The hypermotard had no problem in the power department, but it didn't have the raw grunt that I like about the KLX. The hypermotard was definitely better at speed, but that's not what I look for in a motard. The hypermotard was super twitchy like a dirt bike, which further drove home the point that I don't like going 85 on a motard. Suspension was fantastic for a bike that is supposed to be a street driven dirt bike. I guess I am being overly critical of this bike. The reasons I sold my KLX are the same reasons I wasn't crazy about the Hypermotard. A supermoto is a compilation of compromises by design. It just boils down to what you want out of it. The overall package was very well put together
  9. Road Trip! Road Trip! Road Trip! In like Flint.
  10. I'm gonna go unless something unforeseen happens. Is this the type of thing you should show up early for? I did a Kawasaki ticket to ride event and it helped a lot with bike choice if you showed early.
  11. Nice deal man. I have been looking at getting some track fairings so I won't be so paranoid about laying my bike down on the track. Those OEM fairings are ridiculous! Any recommendations for affordable track fairings for a zx6r that aren't total crap? Ebay has some for 400 but they require a full exhaust (I assume because of the huge cat/collector on my 07) and I don't know that they would even be worth buying quality wise.
  12. I bought some rear sets for my bike too. Maybe we can have a new rear set run in the near future?
  13. Hoping to make this now.
  14. I found that I kept tucking my inside knee in because my leg would get tired. Once I realized that, it occurred to me that I wasn't weighting the pegs correctly. I decided that the pegs weren't in a comfortable spot. So I decided to order rearsets....Don't tell my wife. I hope I like them. I got a set of driven tt for like $250 from 58cycle. They have to be better than the ebay ones I was considering.
  15. Still working out the details. I may be in.