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  1. Winter and Water Wetter

    The evans stuff is supposed to be good to -40. I just don't know much about it. I assume it is track approved? It has an AMA logo on the page and they claim it is accepted at "most" tracks.
  2. Winter and Water Wetter

    I was just looking at that online. I was trying to compare that and the evans waterless coolant. Engine ice looks cheaper and easier to change, but the Evans is supposed to be a lifetime deal.
  3. Winter and Water Wetter

    I guess I will move it to the basement. I'm too lazy to switch the fluid out and I don't want to ruin the bike. The only space I have is right next to the uninsulated garage door. Now I just have to make sure I don't drop any construction stuff on it while I finish the basement
  4. I just remembered that I am running water wetter instead of antifreeze in my ZX-6. Has anyone had any trouble leaving it in over the winter on a garage kept bike? I guess I could move the bike into the basement for the winter but I am trying to get drywall up down there.

    I went to my garage to throw the trash out. Next thing I knew, I was in Potosi. Just barely took enough time to put air back in the tires before I took off.
  6. Schafley's Vintage bike ride

    I notice a few minor cosmetic changes
  7. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Planning on it. Should know for sure in a day or so
  8. Friday ride

    I'm in. I got the day off. Sunny with a high of 80.
  9. Any guzzi owners or former owners here?

    That is a big bike. I would think if you gave that some throttle, it would lurch to the side because the tire broke loose.
  10. Any guzzi owners or former owners here?

    I had a buddy that loved his. He said you have to get used to the way it will rock when you gas it hard though. That weird engine position lets you feel the crank rotation I guess.
  11. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I should have just quit my job and gone to the track.
  12. The track looked flat on the video, but I could see hills in the distance. Did the camera just hide the elevation change? Looks like the pavement was decent and there was plenty or runoff for when I want to go dirt biking.
  13. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Man. I'm working the 22nd
  14. Wish I could Gotta work.
  15. TODD

    I don't buy it. If you have full range of motion in your neck I can only imagine a very marginal difference in visibility. When stuff doesn't make sense it has to boil down to politics or money.