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    You keep saying that you’re getting a new truck. That truck still looks familiar.

    I taught my buddy to ride in an empty parking lot. The cops showed up and asked us to leave. The worst that happened was that the cop told him to get rid of that bike and get a harley if he really wanted to learn how to ride. My understanding is that you can't get in trouble on a private parking lot unless they have no trespassing signs or ask you to leave and you don't.
  3. Happy Birthday Stiffneck🏍💨

    HBD Chris!
  4. MAMIL

    Sorry, I kinda hijacked your thread a bit. I gotta work so I'm out.
  5. MAMIL

    I’ve seen a couple ebikes on the trails. It seems like cheating but I get pretty jealous on those long climbs.
  6. MAMIL

    I always lose my pedals on a drop or jump. I can keep my back foot on but I lose my forward foot. This causes the pedals to spin backwards and smack my shin when I land. I'm sure it's a technique issue, but I'm not really willing to work through it.
  7. MAMIL

    I ride with the special shoes that clip into the pedals. My buddy likes flats. Whenever I ride his bike I end up with bloody shins. NOT cool!
  8. MAMIL

    That's hilarious! I pretty much hate to be on the road if I don't have a motor, but I did just spend all of my cash on this. I'm thinking I may have to invest in spandex just for the MAMIL moniker.
  9. Worst display i have seen

    That guy needed a parking lot to practice in. Deals gap was prolly a bit much for his skills in combination with poor judgement on the throttle. I guess I can't be too judgemental because those curves will let you build speed and suck you in. The difference is that I realize I am not in control when I cross the yellow. He acted like the whole street was his. Too much for my second cup of coffee! I'm all jacked up now!
  10. If it was me, I would put fresh gas in it. Not because that is the most likely culprit, but because it is the easiest/cheapest thing to try. I guess theoretically there could be a lot of water in the tank because of condensation. You already checked the fuses, so I guess the next move would be check for spark.
  11. SHOW

  12. POLAR BEAR RIDE???????

    I'm hoping that's at the airport and not your house
  13. The Big Race!

    I can never unsee that
  14. Touring Bike

    My uncle has a 2014 Valkyrie. It’s supposed to be a naked gold wing. That bike is the berries and I don’t really like cruisers. Tons of power. Smooth. Handles better than any cruiser I have ever seen
  15. WTF????

    Man I hate to see anybody get hurt/mess up their bike but that makes me feel a whole lot better about the crap I took at a Harley biker bar when I rode my sport bike. Literally so slow they fell over.