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  1. I bought some rear sets for my bike too. Maybe we can have a new rear set run in the near future?
  2. I found that I kept tucking my inside knee in because my leg would get tired. Once I realized that, it occurred to me that I wasn't weighting the pegs correctly. I decided that the pegs weren't in a comfortable spot. So I decided to order rearsets....Don't tell my wife. I hope I like them. I got a set of driven tt for like $250 from 58cycle. They have to be better than the ebay ones I was considering.
  3. Still working out the details. I may be in.
  4. I use Rotella in all my bikes. I swap bikes like underwear though, so I don't guess I can speak to any long term problems.
  5. Saturday was a blast. The pavement was perfect. I was a little more rusty than I thought though. I was fighting my brain the entire day and I'm old enough to know that I get hurt when I do that. I did get to learn a lot about my new bike though. I'm already trying to figure out how to steal money from the wife for my next track day.
  6. Hey crash, any experience with PP3 on your zx6? I've heard the carcass is relatively soft and they can get greasy if you don't run a little more air pressure. I was thinking I might start 30/30 and just see how it goes.
  7. I am selling this for a buddy of mine that wore it to 3-4 track days. He never even got a knee down. If he had a receipt, he could return it. Size L. My buddy is 6'1'' and around 210. I am 5'11'' and 170lbs. The suit fits him great, but is pretty baggy on me. I am in Villa Ridge, or I am going to be at Putnam this weekend. $400 obo
  8. Took me all morning, but I finally got that fullmatch site to work. Great race!
  9. Hallelujah!!! I had lost track of how to find his site.
  10. lol. I was doing a lot of dirt riding. All I had was my supermoto and I just didn't like it on the road much. Couldn't get used to the riding style, so I am selling it and I bought another street bike.
  11. This may be from left field, but my ninja 250 did this if I overfilled. I think it would foam the oil. If I let off for a minute it would go away. Let out a little oil and it fixed it. Again, this may not be anywhere near the problem, but take it for what it's worth.
  12. I'm in. This will be my first track day with the zx6r. I've always had either low power bikes or bikes with a fairly linear power spread. I've been trying to get used to the big hit of power when you hit the right rev range. I accidently spun up the rear tire on 47 yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to learn the bike a bit better on the track.
  13. That is pure training to just sit with his hands down. I just transported a guy that tried to catch himself when his truck rolled. His hands got caught and mostly removed. It is a natural reaction to reach up and try to stop the roll.