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  1. Black Hawk Farms

    Decided I missed my dirt bike so I went riding to the creek by the first silo. At least I didn't fall down
  2. Black Hawk Farms

  3. Black Hawk Farms

  4. Thanks dogpark and everybody else today

    No hurry. It's been here all season. I told him I would try to sell it and then I got lazy so it's still here.
  5. I've been thinking about how I can get my 6 year old son into riding. I have a 110 dirt bike that my 12yo daughter rides, but I was looking for something small and sans clutch. I was actually thinking about one of those little pocket bikes. They have an 18" seat height and most don't seem to be real fast. Mainly they are only like $300 new so if he does't like it I am not out a bundle. I guess ideally I would get a little suzuiki 50cc dirt bike, but those are usually much more expensive. Any experience with this? I don't really know anything about the pocket bikes. I don't know that I've even ever seen one in person. Online they seem to be all the same with the only choice being the small one vs the big one, then 2 stroke, 4 stroke, or electric. This is one I was looking at
  6. Thanks dogpark and everybody else today

    I have a cortech adrenaline suit that would prolly fit you. It belongs to my buddy that wore it like 4 times. It is like new. I think he wants like $300-350. I have it at my house in Villa Ridge if you wanna look at it. It's this suit

    I gotta bite the bullet and start mounting my own tires. I did it on the dirt bike but for some reason I am scared to mess with street tires.
  8. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I may be good for this. My buddy got me thinking about drag racing a couple weeks ago when he posted his times from racing his mustang. I haven't run down the 1/4 mile in prolly a decade
  9. Anyone riding this weekend?

    I'm just gonna sit here sweating in Texas listening to the in laws talk about people I don't know while my bike sits safely in the garage. Did I mention I'm in a dry county?
  10. Thanks dogpark and everybody else today

    I decide that I would much rather pack the kids in a small car and drive to Texas where I will have the pleasure of staying with my mother in law. Who would pass on that opportunity?
  11. Thanks dogpark and everybody else today

    I'm just down the road in Villa Ridge. Let me know if you want to do a quick ride sometime. Don't tell the others, but I may be pressuring you to do a track day soon.

    Thanks for a great ride

    Well, I guess I'm in then. See y'all @900
  14. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    At first I thought my connection crapped out, but now I see what you did there.

    I like to ride motorcycles