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  1. Aodrn

    Gateway July 21 and 22 Who is going?

    I'm out. I will most likely show up and get some tires though.
  2. Aodrn

    Cooler Saturday July 7

    Home. Had fun
  3. Aodrn


    There are different types of super corsa from what I gather. The sp is more street/track and the sc are basically track only. I was looking at the sp. The manufacturers seem to purposely make worthless descriptions of their tires. I read their touring tires and they say to race professionally with them and then the slicks say if you use anything else you will die. All from the same manufacturer
  4. Aodrn


    I think I am on the same page as you are. I would appreciate the extra margin for error that a set of sticky tires could give me. I definitely don't want a slick, because I am going to be using the tires for back roads. I have heard people say that Rosso Corsa are the same as the SC except for the middle third is a tad harder for mileage. If I was going to go to a SC type tire, I am curious if I would like another brand better. Dunlop has a reputation for being slightly harder (at least from different forum folklore I have read) than the SC, but I really don't think I will even scratch the surface of either tire if I am honest about my ability. I guess I would still be looking at Q3+ vs Q4. I've also heard people rave about BattleAxe S20. I guess if I opt for a stickier tire, I won't really know if I could have gotten marginally better.
  5. Aodrn


    I figured I would ressurect this thread. My tires are old and I'm making an attempt to blame them for my poor riding and resulting bike damage. I am a bit torn. I notice a lot of track guys are running the supercorsas. I feel like the rosso corsas might be a better choice for someone as slow as I am, but I just don't have any real world experience with riding different tires at the limit on the same bike. I currently run PP3 and would like something a little more track oriented. I'm not sold on pirelli. I just haven't really looked at hypersport tires and I'm not real familiar so I am looking for some knowledge.
  6. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    It’s back baby! It’s so ugly that I actually think it’s cool.
  7. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    The bike will be ready this week. The wife may take longer. I knew she would not take the crash well.
  8. Aodrn

    Race Track info

    That looks legit from my unskilled eye except the pavement on the far outside of dead bear doesn’t inspire confidence. I usually botch that turn and start wide and end up towards the inside at the real apex. If I do get it right, I feel better towards the middle of the pavement at the apex. From memory it seems like it’s got more negative camber on the far outside
  9. Aodrn

    Putnam Park June 30th, July 1st.

    I feel the pain.
  10. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    Here is the tank. Not bad considering. Cheapest used tank without a leak was almost $400. That’s crazy
  11. Aodrn

    Stlar Meeting!

    Working 👎🏿
  12. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    I'll have to dig it out. Didn't get it put on the bike on my days off. It is a little ugly because it was thin where it ground away, but it ended up being real solid after building up the area he blew through.
  13. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    I used a very small drill bit to drill the ends of the cracks. Then I drilled holes to zip tie the cracks. I used the smaller bit to drill along the length of the crack so epoxy could go through the holes for greater hold. It’s as strong now as before the wreck. Way ugly though. Way. It’s got its own style I guess
  14. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    I’ve had the parts for a while but didn’t have time to put it together. I had a buddy weld the hole in the tank. Foot brake lever was only very slightly bent and was fixed in the vice. New peg and toe piece. Bought a used swing arm and just installed it today. I forgot that the chain goes through the swing arm so I had to cut it. Not sure if I can get a link or should just replace it. Spent some time sewing the plastic back together with zip ties. I’ll use some epoxy for good measure before I install them. I’ll take some pics in a bit just because of the level of ghetto.
  15. Aodrn

    I wrecked

    I appreciate the offer. I have a fair bit of mechanical ability but I’m still trying to look into swapping the swing arm bearings. The bearings on my bike have 7000 miles and the new swing arm has over 26,000. I have a service manual but haven’t looked into how it’s done.