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  1. BIXBY 12 03

    I'm helping my sister move this weekend, so it depends how quickly we get the moving done. I vote to ride the little bikes to Bixby. Don't mind if we race the big bikes there either!
  2. BTG-III 9/30/17

    Home. Great ride today. Lunch tasted almost as good as winning again!
  3. Stlar Meeting

    No way I'll be able to make it. Tried but couldn't get away. Maybe the next one : /
  4. Tire Deals

    Took a ride a few days ago and the feel on the Bridgestone S21's is much better than the Bridgestone BT16's I had previously. We'll see about mileage. I got 5k off the BT16's, but I'm not expecting so many on the S21. Really happy with the tires
  5. Tire Deals

    Yep that is an in-store price only
  6. Happy Birthday DemonDuck

  7. Tire Deals

    What are you wearing, "Jake from State Farm"? Uhhhh, Khakis.
  8. Tire Deals

    Just saw cyclegear is running an in-store special for Bridgestone S21's. Front and rear for $229 before mail-in rebate($50 on a visa gift card, total: $179). Need new rubber on my Suzuki, so I may jump on it this week. I was planning on going with Q3's but the price on these Bridgestones is making me rethink it
  9. Fiddie

    That awesome. I'll show up for a 50cc race. I have a 2003 Honda XR50 that I'll run. Or..*cough cough* the Grom? I bring a couple cones out to a nearby parking lot and race with my nephew. But it's just two of us. If we have more people, we may want to ask the property managers.
  10. New guy from WashMO

  11. Beat the Groms?

    Saw you riding past! Surprised to see you with both wheels on the ground Hope your ride went well too!
  12. Groms To Bixby 6 24

    Home. Fantastic day out on our little monsters. Thanks for leading, Ed. Great route.