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  1. Glad you're alright man!
  2. I ran Avon Distanzias on my MZ Supermoto but never any of their track tires. If it matters they have great grip but fairly low tread life.
  3. Anyone tried these tires before? Thinking about picking up a set, wonder how they compare to the Q3's?
  4. Thanks guys! Shouldn't be too bad, just sucks I wont be able to ride for a while.
  5. Figured I would do a little check in. Based on my last appointment with my orthopedic doc i will have to get surgery to fix my shoulder. Going to get a sweet Ti plate to hold everything together for a bit, but it may put me out of the season for tack days . Hopefully with this fix I will be back and stronger than ever for next year . In the mean time, my search for a track bike will continue on!
  6. I did see my orthopedic surgeon this week. Confirmed grade 3 AC separation with more x-rays. Good news though, he doesn't think I will need surgery. Apparently even though all of the ligaments that hold my collar bone in place are torn and the bone is all wonky they just kind of let it heal as is. But if my shoulder starts to drop away or it doesn't heal correctly then they go in and put a Ti plate in to hold everything in place. Ill have to put working out on hold for a few weeks but overall a fairly good visit
  7. Hey guys! Im doing alright, Joe pretty much nailed everything. Going to see the ortho that did my ACL surgery tomorrow and get his opinion. The staff and everybody were super helpful and kind so I cant thank everyone enough. Looking forward to getting back out there when I can, I was really excited for gateway again in September so we shall see.
  8. Locked it in last night. Joester and I will be up there for the Saturday track day. Still no new bike for me yet, so it looks like the ugly duck will be coming along again. Look forward to hitting the track with you guys again!
  9. Building your own is definitely very satisfying. After I build my first one in high school I have been hooked! Between Motorcycles, guns and computers Im amazed I still have any money in my bank account.
  10. Me, say a bad word....i dont think so Like Joester said, we have been having fun with Project Cars and always looking for more people to play with. Current PC specs: i7 2700k @ 4.5ghz GTX 980 16GB ram
  11. I quite like the Dunlop Q3 so far. Though my track experince is miniscule, I feel more confident on this tire than anything else Ive ever run (only street tires) and thats not nothing I guess. Though if I eventualy find a more suitable bike to take to the track I will probably give the Pilot Road 4's a go for longer tread life on the street.
  12. Thanks for all of the info guys! Looks like Im just going to start trying stuff and see what works. Im almost positive I have seen that Ru-Glyde locally Drew, may just pick some of that up and give it a go. I didnt notice any wierd rear end vibration from the wheel being out of balance, but I would rather just fix it now than it get worse at the next track day and become an issue.
  13. Haha nope, been using them for a long time starting with dirt bikes probably. Ill have to try just lubing a few points and see if I can still get the tire on. Thanks for info guys
  14. Yep, Joester and I mounted them ourselves before Putnam this year. I believe we did use soap to lube them. It was either that or windex but now that I think about it, it may have been a little dish soap. So i guess that could be the culprit. Though we mounted Joes the same night and he hasnt had many problems. But there are so many variables there, who knows could just be a weight thing.
  15. I noticed a weird issue after the track day at Gateway (5/23). While putting all of the street legal bits back on to the ol' Multistrada the next day I noticed the yellow dot I'm pointing to in this picture has rotated about 45 degrees away from the valve stem it used to by directly lined up with when I mounted this tire. Any idea what causes this? The only thing I can think of is that hitting the transition after the chicane at gateway caused me to bottom out sometimes and I was under throttle so maybe all of the load is causing the rim to slip a bit? I mean it does have to try and move my huge ass... More info: 04 Multistrada aka fuglystrada Dunlop Q3 Mounted with soap as lube Track pressure: Cold = 28, Hot = ~35
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