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  1. tejabobba

    Hermann ride Saturday 7/30 (Saturday)

    What happened with the deer? Wish I came all the way to the destination. But it was fun and really enjoyed riding with you guys.
  2. tejabobba

    Ride this Weekend ??

    Haven't done that before. I'm a newbie.
  3. tejabobba

    Ride this Weekend ??

    If riding this Saturday to Hermann, when and where can we meet. Like i said earlier, this is my first time with this group.
  4. tejabobba

    Ride this Weekend ??

    I can do Saturday. This will be my first time with this group.
  5. tejabobba

    Ride this Weekend ??

    Plan on going to Hermann this weekend (07/30 or 07/31) depending on weather. Anyone instrstd to join?
  6. Thanks everyone. really excited to be a part and looking forward to meet other riders
  7. tejabobba

    Riding this weekend?

    I am in for both the days. No plans as of now, new to these forums and would love to meet other riders.
  8. Hello all, New to this group. Have been riding for few years. Recently got a F4i and looking for some riders to ride with.