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  1. Dippnet

    August STLAR Meeting???

    I would go but will be in Sonoma for next weekend’s Moto America race.:)
  2. Dippnet

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    Great job Barry! Glad you made it out Chris! It sure was a nice weekend and good to see Albert and Gene. Weather was perfect!
  3. Dippnet

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    Good times!
  4. Dippnet

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    I’m thinking about going.......When is this again?
  5. Dippnet

    After the 4th Pool Party

    Most likely!
  6. Dippnet

    Ride Sunday - Jun 30, 2019

    Home:) nice ride, good seeing everyone, now I’m off to work:( at least the two calls waited till I got home.
  7. Dippnet

    Ride Sunday 6/9/2019

    Cannot make the meet spot in time was destinations determined?
  8. Dippnet

    Ride Sunday 6/9/2019

    I haven’t figured it out yet.🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Dippnet

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Khalid sorry I had to cut off:( that was a good group 🏍💨
  10. Dippnet

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    I am going to try I will keep my eye on this.
  11. Dippnet

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    I made it! I am now a racer:)
  12. Dippnet

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    There is a few of us riding. Don’t be afraid to come out and watch:)
  13. Dippnet

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    I am in and ready to go!
  14. Torque wrenches.....🔧 I’m glad I went.
  15. Dippnet

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    I would definitely be in but running the “Z” in Springfield at the first Mimi Moto of the year at Mid-state kart club. Have fun!🏍💨
  16. Dippnet

    Ride Saturday ??

    Looking good you two!
  17. Dippnet

    "Z" projects

    Got a little work done on the "Z" Next bars, sliders,pipe,intake!
  18. Hope you enjoy your day:) 🏍💨
  19. Dippnet

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Happy birthday Steven! Hope you have a great day:)
  20. Dippnet

    "Z" projects

    Sunday afternoon “Z” run mileage😇
  21. Dippnet

    "Z" projects

    Sunday afternoon “Z” run. F7CE6422-5BD8-4877-B81B-DCE7703069FF.MOV
  22. Dippnet

    Stlar Meeting!

    Nice gathering! Looking forward to summer rides.:)
  23. Dippnet

    "Z" projects

  24. Dippnet

    Happy birthday, Stiffneck!

    Happy Birthday Chris!
  25. Dippnet

    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Happy late Birthday Ed 🎂