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  1. So I’ve got it all done and back together but it just sits there and now this hit:( I hope everyone is safe and OK!
  2. I’m older than you that’s why I got a mini moto:)
  3. My accessories are all in I guess it’s time to put it back together.
  4. Picked up a little something to have fun on for my birthday!
  5. Crap! Seeing this at 10:30 I forgot 🤦🏼‍♂️
  6. Sounds like it was a fun time. I will have to try to do this sometime I like adventures. I can probably add some to it because I’ve been known to run out of gas also.:)
  7. Happy Birthday Crash.... where ever you are:)
  8. Had a super good time at Mid-state kart club in Springfield Illinois last weekend. Lucky enough to get 2 3rd place finishers in the main events. One more round to go October 13.
  9. I might go, I’m thinking about it 🤔
  10. OK I just want to clarify this is tonight correct?
  11. Oh wait can’t forget this one!
  12. We had a great time here’s my favorite photo!
  13. I would go but will be in Sonoma for next weekend’s Moto America race.:)
  14. Great job Barry! Glad you made it out Chris! It sure was a nice weekend and good to see Albert and Gene. Weather was perfect!
  15. I’m thinking about going.......When is this again?
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