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  1. Thanks for letting me tag along. Had a blast. Great roads and group. Thanks for leading Dave and accommodating my small gas tank!
  2. Must be an old guy thing. ?
  3. I had just told the cop that I didn’t know any of you guys and that I have no idea how many riders were in the group and Todd pulls up. Luckily Todd didn’t how many riders were in the group and said “ I just came up behind these guys at the stop sign in town confirming my story.
  4. He got mad when I ask him if he clocked me specifically
  5. Not me, nice afternoon ride. 185 is still a little dirty if you get in the center.
  6. I saw you guys between bixby and potosi. I was the fat guy in black leathers?
  7. Sorry pops, I know how you old folks are about feeding time.
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