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  1. Nolan N21 helmet for sale like new size large

    Lol. Would look pretty funny on either of ya if you ask me Personally I think it would look better for a female rider...but then again...I'm gonna think anything looks better on a female
  2. Should I be shoved into the corner with my current cruiser... I may part with it and buy something differant. It would be sad for me. Lots of great memories and good times (some bad times too) with this bike. If I buy another cruiser I definetly want something with more ground clearance. Ive been eyeing the new mgx21 flying fortress since its debut. I dont know one single person that owns a guzzi. And there appears to be little forums/dealers/aftermarket etc on the net that I can find for the newer bikes. (Maybe that should tell me something) Anybody here have anything good or bad to say from firsthand with moto guzzi?
  3. Happy BIrthday to me......

    Therefore always a scenic view? Actually I'm trying to look into that statement, but you'll have to splain it to me. I'm not always quick to figure out some stuff Maybe I'll watch it again this evening

    There is a chance that the primary didnt crack, Im keeping me fingers crossed. The input shaft seal has been weeping fluid for a while. Not enough to bother removing the whole primary to change. Im hoping the rest of that seal just let go. I tore down far as I could this morning. Gotta grab a socket from work tommorow for the crank balencer. There are some ends of the primary sprocket teeth chipped off, but none missing. Nice thing is the bracket i made for the speed sensor wasnt touched. I thought for sure that wouldve been trashed. If the primary case is damaged and not repairable, there may even be a chance I will have to part the bike. There where less than a thousand Indians built inbetween 09 and 2011. There is basically nill for parts. Ive never seen a primary show up for these anywhere, and I daily monitor ebay and other sites for spare parts for this thing.

    You may be right unfortuneatly, the more I look at it this morning, and nothing else seems to have give. The chain conversion is something I did myself a few years back. I had to literaly make parts and get help to make parts to do it. This is a 105ci motor and does make hella torque. I'm wondering if I shouldve went with a higher strength chain.

    Well this ride ended up a bummer for me. Chain decided it was time to quit. Probably a lesson or 2 to be learned from this one when I start the surgery. I'm just thankful it didnt end up in my wheel. Riding low and slow today with no gear on so a 60mph high side wouldve been pretty much textbook carnage. Also thankful dozerdave dodged any debris and hopefully no harm to his cool new ride. Also thankful cool guys like Ed to hang around with me and help till pop got there with my trailer. And finally, and by far most importantly, thankful I have more than one motorbike Theres still daylight left today and a whole sunday tommorow to ride so I'm getting ready to throw a leg over betty white right now and head back out.

    But that is friday night! This ride is saterday
  8. Happy Birthday Morbo🎂

    ONE of these days...... You guys are going to figure out my jacked up sense of humor... More Bo!!!
  9. Happy BIrthday to me......

    I hear ya! I'm about motorbike maxed out myself. I hope you somehow manage to swing both bikes anyhow. And I'm sure youve probably seen this, but in case you havent.. I watched this the other night just because you guys doing the whole pikes peak thing
  10. Happy Birthday Morbo🎂

    Happy birthday morbo! I have to assume your a dukes of hazzard fan. This is all I could come up with
  11. Happy BIrthday to me......

    That is AWESOME!!!! I cant wait to see it! And you know whats even more awesome? It looks like you have plenty of room in the garage for it! So now you can take down your kawi zx10r for-sale ad. I dont want you to sell it
  12. Happy Birthday Phantom

    Happy late b day wishes to u sir

    Im in And since its cruisers I will try and get some friends a mine to go with
  14. GROM/Z125 ARKANSAS RIDE 9 16 17

    Kick-ASS!!!! which one you getting??? The grom or the Z?
  15. GROM/Z125 ARKANSAS RIDE 9 16 17

    Rolled into the drive bout 30 min ago. Right at 800 miles in 2 days on my little green froggy. Gotta be one of the most inexpensive weekend getaways I've ever done. Had a good time, awesome weather. Lets do it again ed