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  1. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Sunday 7/22

    I plan on being there
  2. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Stlar Meeting!

    Work and holiday family stuff is going to prevent me from gettimg there tonight😕 Whoever put the 4th july in the middle of the week should get grounded and a stern talking to
  3. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Sunday July 1st

    I'd like to go but wont know for sure till late this evening. I'll post up by 11pm this evening if I'll be there
  4. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Eminence mo SATURDAY 6 30 18

    Hot Home Hooray!
  5. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Eminence mo SATURDAY 6 30 18

    I keep meaning to pull the forks and replace the seals on the rc51 so I can start track days but everytime I start to I get busy messing with another bike. Speaking of which I sold the z125 a couple weeks ago and bought this12" wheel mini. Its amazing the differance a additional gear and 25 more cc makes
  6. OhNoItsBonnie!

    2016 ZX10R for sale (again)....

    I think he was talking about racing it at some point but never got the courage to do so. Wanted to get some more experiance first
  7. OhNoItsBonnie!


    Welcome! Couple of us ride the akira inspired vultus/nm4. By far the coolest bike I've ever owned. Recumbant position, very low cg, fully auto
  8. OhNoItsBonnie!

    I wrecked

    Pretty tough to weld on that thin metal but if if its sealed up thats all that matters
  9. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Eminence mo SATURDAY 6 30 18

    Anybody else? gonna be ridin big bikes, not little ones, so you'all dont have to worry bout tryin to keep up
  10. OhNoItsBonnie!

    6/23/18 Owensboro, KY Nicky Hayden Statue

    Coolest statue ever!!! 🏍️
  11. OhNoItsBonnie!

    I wrecked

    A cheap chain rivet tool will push a pin out, then squeeze a new link in. Pics of the gas tank weld?
  12. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Kawasaki Fans

    Love them old kawasakis! Makes me want to watch mad max again🏍️
  13. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Few questions from a newbie here...

    Heres a little phone conversation to get you familiar with bixby
  14. OhNoItsBonnie!


  15. OhNoItsBonnie!

    6/23/18 Owensboro, KY Nicky Hayden Statue

    Did you go? How was it? I remember reading about it month or so ago. I'd like to ride the rc51 and get a picture with it. Still pisses me off how his life was taken from him