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  1. Either way....and I know it's kinda "cliché" at this point to be a huge guy martin fan....but I think the dude is cool as hell. And I'm a cheerin him on for a TT win
  2. I agree. What a cool dude to show that respect! Reality is... anybody on the road can take a pic of our plates and do a search/check/snoop....but to post a pic and take the time to brush out the plates, is a pretty cool guy, imo
  3. I'm usually not a fan of remakes better than the original..... But...man....
  4. I've never even rode a bike with abs. I just thought the vid was impressive, nevethess Either way. I still feel like my brakes suck, lol! I'm doing some troubleshooting/conversing with another busa owner. I think I'm honing in on the problem. Always.... something, lol
  5. Yes. Now be quiet, click on dis, and crank the volume!
  6. I'd just like to get my hands on the A-hole that spray-painted all over our license plates!
  7. Will guy be racing at the TT at all this year then?
  8. IT'S NOT ME IT'S THE DAMN AUTOCORRECT! Whenever I see the DMB on your name it makes me think of Diamond Dave. Which ain't so bad. Speaking of diamond dave here's the Leather riding chaps I'm getting. I'm wearing them next ride. You guys can take turns riding behind me.
  9. On mine they are limited by the liner that holds them in place. I could have the liner altered to be lower I guess. I probably won't bother with it. I want to get some leathers for better protection anyway
  10. Interesting, so that is why I see some guys throw their knee out on the inside when going through a turn?
  11. I appreciate it. When I got home I pulled my pants off and turned them inside out to see if the pads where adjustable inside the linings, and their not, unless I take them and have them altered. So I just removed the pads entirely and will probably just use them when I'm riding the cruiser. They are still kevlar lined and the intention was to wear them when doing slower paced riding anyways. I need to invest in some good riding leather for pants and jacket. Should I just go to that cycle gear place and try some stuff on? Is there any other places local to check? I've been to big st. Charles and they have a bunch of choices but not as much as cycle gear. I like the idea of trying something on before I buy.
  12. In my case I need every bit of help I can in that department so I'll definitely try and only buy "sexy leather"
  13. Was nice meeting all you guys today! Just a fyi I am horrible at remembering names so don't take offense, lol! I had a much more comfortable and quicker pace ride today than the last time I rode with JJ and speed dmb. It was my first ride with new tires, adjusted suspension, and some lever adjustments I had made. I did however regret right away adjusting my shifter so low as I was uncomfortably trying to shift all day. My new pants also suck, lol! The knee pads ride way above my knee when on the bike. Oh well, trial and error. I still have more/better gear shopping to do anyway. So don't anybody think I'm gay (although nothing wrong with being gay) if I ask you opinions on your gear, as I did a few of you today