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  1. "Z" projects

  2. "Z" projects

    Looks good! You prolly already know this but doing a intake without a tuner will make it run lean. The fi will compensate quite abit but still probably not good for the engine long term. I am doing a power commander and dyno tune on mine sometime in the next couple months. Your gonna eliminate a crazy amount of weight when you do exhaust I am going after the suspension on mine next. Ive got to do something about the spongy forks

    my suggestion would be to find a empty parking lot of a business, say like a industrial park near you on a weekend. As long as there arent any no trespassing (or similiar) signs posted, you are good to go unless the owners of the property (or their security) show up and tell you to leave. Unless your son is vandalizing the property or drinking alcohol or crossing over into the public roadway while operating any motor vehicle....a leo cannot do anything except call the owners of the property and ask them if he can kick you guys off. That would be the extreme though, obviously being polite and explaining what your doing, more than likely a leo who approaches you will tell you to be safe and have a good day.
  4. Paint work

    is there any body work or repairs needed? are you doing just one color?

    Lol! Is that real or photoshopped?

    Looks like this happened a couple days ago. Shame for somebody to lose their life over road rage. But its looking like the guy pulled over, got out of his car and started wailing on her. If thats the case then I have no sympathy for him and hope her life doesnt get wrecked by the legal system https://www.google.com/amp/abc13.com/amp/motorcyclist-kills-driver-in-road-rage-incident-police-say/3058100/
  7. 2018 Challenge

    184. Not much progress I do good during the week and screw up on the weekends
  8. Number 112

    Lol Even if I had already owned 100 motorcycles I still wouldnt be caught up Hell, even if I had double number of bikes I have now I still wouldnt be caught up with how many bikes he has in his garage. But, I do have him beat with how many bikes I have in my living room! So there! IN YOUR FACE ED!
  9. Number 112

    Thats like 3 bikes now since I've bought one. Looks like I better step up my game
  10. Number 112

  11. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    I just saw on the news pictures of the snow in chicago and it aint pretty
  12. Who here uses a lithium ion battery on their ride?

    Awesome stiffneck! Video would be even better! I may take the lithium battery out of the hurricane and leave it outside for the night next time its super cold and video it just out of boredom. Its a autocraft lithium battery. I have heard (have no proof) that you sometimes can wreck havoc on a ecm by trying to repeatedly do multiple starts on the bike with the voltage dropping below 10 volts during start. Something about the ecm needs to see a certain amount of volts or it wont send signal to the injectors, crank sensor, etc... but I guess if it was a major issue, we'd know about it
  13. Touring Bike

    I'm trying to see where the pegs would mount
  14. Touring Bike

    Man that thing is huge. Thats whats awesome about motorcycles though, all kinds of differant bikes for differant types of riding. I know alot of people dis the new blacked out bagger goldwing, but if I saw one in person I'd probably fall in love with it. I like the pics I see of it.