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  1. I returned the pants. I'm going to buy a full suit. also thinking about buying one of these. I aint gonna let the heat keep me from riding http://inventorspot.com/articles/coolware_personal_cooling_system_air_conditioner_you_can_wear_ar
  2. I will be riding both mornings if theres no rain. because of the heat I will be staying closer to home (defiance, new melle, washington, herman area) so if any you guys end up riding this way I would be interesred in joining in (providing the pace is moderate (ish)
  3. thanks sir! to my credit, I've been doing LOTS of searches on the web lately pertaining to riding and info/help on my rc51 and I almost always usually find a answer. Sometimes I do like to ask just because there may be new info on the subject.
  4. thank you sir! I just hate to be a bother to people. I have not got a chance yet to get over to cycle gear yet this week. I've had a couple suggestions to go up to the next size, and I'm going to try that, but even when you select the differant sizes for these pants its only for the waste, the length are all the same, so I'm not optimistic. For the price it just seemed like a good deal, and I have a sedici jacket and am very happy with it. I may just have to spend the $$$ on a alpine stars or similiar. I've noticed that alpine stars seems to have more options in sizes when it comes to length.
  5. more good info I didnt know! I had no idea about the "race" and "sport" fit. I will run over to cycle gear tommorow. thanks, and I know these noob questions are annoying. I'm gonna try to do more research on the web before asking this kinda stuff
  6. the bike circled. standing up, and still way faster than me was pretty awesome to see!
  7. well crap! shows how well I am at remembering names either way, it was cool as hell seeing it! the shear talent in this group...... again, thanks to all of you.
  8. just got home. 2 things that stand out in my mind on todays ride. first is (I think) natnaz blasting by me for the 90 degree turn on U. Frickin unbelievable!!!! beautiful to watch!!! second is (I think Dogpark) blowing by me standing up on the pegs. the closest resemblance in my mind I can think of (sorry), is "chewbacca on a surfboard" what a day! again, thanks guys!
  9. not home yet but will be in a hour or so. awesome ride! I'm a long ways off but starting to get more relaxed on my bike. theres just no feeling like shifting off to the side and letting the bike do its thing. thanks everybody!
  10. lunch by myself.
  11. what did that thing weigh? I'm guessing it was fairly heavy for that class of bike then
  12. I also had a cb750. was my second street bike. it blows me away how well those cb's have kept their value over the decades
  13. cool bike! I had a 83 yamaha Vision in the mid 90's. same colors as yours and the wheels look about the same.
  14. didnt mean to hijack the thread but I wanted to post that Eric did call me back. he will be out of town till tuesady. I will be stopping in to get my suspension set up. todays ride will determine if Im going to be changing seals or not