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  1. ReRose

    ordered a bubbler balancer

    Never knew just how big them tires were till I put them on the NoMar. Really was not that hard but iffens I had something for the truck wheels to adapt to the motorcycle tire balancer I would rather us it. The bubble balancer works but don't know if I trust it yet.
  2. ReRose

    Wtb: Batman costume

    The 1st time I rode a bike with a 240 rear I kept trying to lean and felt like the bike acted like it did not want to. Took a little while to get the feel of it.
  3. ReRose

    Rode to Washington today

    It must have been "Rectal Insemination"
  4. ReRose

    Rode to Washington today

    what are they?
  5. ReRose

    My prediction.

    I have ridden two auto's in my life and did not like either one. They worked flawlessly but I prefer shifting then again maybe I did not ride them long enuf to give them a chance
  6. ReRose

    New rider

    Welcome to the board and now I know I am not the only one with cornerphobia...........
  7. ReRose

    Finally got out today.

    What dealer are youns talking about? Thanks -- Bobby
  8. ReRose

    Happy Birthday Albert!!!

    Happy Birthday to you Mr Albert
  9. ReRose

    Stlar Meeting

    I might even try to make it. Seems like I have a lot of free time now.
  10. ReRose

    ordered a bubbler balancer

    Still waiting for the bubbler balancer to show up
  11. Real cheap one but going to try and mount my and balance my truck tires with my No-Mar and the bubbler balancer. 275 - 60 - 17 tires on 8 inch wheels
  12. ReRose

    Number 112

    I would get tired of going to the license office
  13. ReRose

    Happy Birthday Freak?!

    Another Happie Birthday to you Dr. Ed
  14. ReRose

    Changing tires

    I have had a NoMar for a few years and no idea how many tires it has gone thru plus car, trailer and go kart tires. It is not meant for go kart tires and you will hate trying to do them. Some are easy and some will have you taking anti-crazy pills. Terry has to have the best go without head aches of a manual machine
  15. ReRose

    Who here owns and rides a carbed motorcycle?

    2001 ZRX1200 with 4 carbs