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  1. ghostrider

    Accident on Olive in Creve Coeur 3/16/10

    Post Dispatch Story 'Distracted' car driver blamed in motorcyclist's death By Kim Bell ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 03/16/2010 CREVE COEUR -- A motorcyclist was killed this morning, and the driver of the car that hit him has been arrested. Creve Coeur Police Capt. George Hodak said the 20-year-old woman driving the car was clearly distracted in the 5:43 a.m. crash. She has been arrested. Routine tests are being performed to see if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. The motorcyclist was a man on his way to work, "just minding his own business," Hodak said. The St. Louis County medical examiner's office identified the victim as David Null, 26, of St. Louis County. Hodak said the crash happened while the motorcycle and car were both going east on Olive Boulevard, near Craig Road. The passenger car lost control, hit the motorcycle and knocked the man off, Hodak said. Two people were riding in the car with her. One was still being evaluated at a hospital. Hodak said the injuries weren't serious. Hodak said he expects to release more details later in the day, including any charges that might be filed against the woman.
  2. ghostrider

    Rider addiction

    This was September in Wyoming. I ride year round. There are usually only 2 weeks during the winter that I can't ride - but studded tires
  3. 407 miles for me. Great day :biggrin: Ryan ate almost a whole pig Elevation from the GPS data
  4. I will be there - great ride last time! Mark
  5. ghostrider

    Pilot Road 2

    I am on my 2nd set on my BMW R1200RT. I am getting about 10k out of a rear and 11k or so out of the front. I replaced them at the wear bars. I am now half way through the new set after 5500 mikes last week! They are by far the best tires I have ridden in the rain. Mark
  6. ghostrider


    I am headed out Sunday morning (very very early) headed for Yellowstone and Glacier. Hope to be in Cody Wyoming by noon on Monday. My brother and I will spend next week riding around possibly heading into Canada to Banf and Jasper. Mark
  7. ghostrider

    added Mississippi to my collection of states Saturday

    Last time we went to Anglers Ryan violated several restrooms in Arkansas - you need to count that state twice
  8. ghostrider

    "Long Way Down" screening?

    I saw it last night at Chesterfield Mall. Awesome! The series is running on Fox Reality channel. I DVR'd the first episode last night - looked to be alot of the prep work for the trip (which was not in the 2 hour directors cut) will have to watch it tonight. Mark
  9. ghostrider

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Spike13 ?

    The R1 is gone sold awhile back. Spike is ona 2 week trip out west - should be back online after that.
  10. ghostrider

    Photo Stitching Software

    I use PTGui http://www.ptgui.com/ not free but the best I found. I used to use Autostitch, but I found it didn't do as good of a job warping as PTGui. I actually shoot quite a few pano's. Here are a few that I shot this month: I think this was 19 shots Mark
  11. ghostrider

    Deals Gap

    Next time I will make sure to not pick a day after Randy has just been there... He tends to leave everything wet and sloppy when he leaves
  12. ghostrider

    Deal's Gap Resort for Sale

  13. ghostrider

    Deals Gap

    I was there on Saturday around noon. Rode through 2 hours of rain from the south. It was foggy but not raining. The dragon was mostly wet, but had some dry corners. The top was really foggy. After I left I around 3, I had heavy rain all the way to Nashville. Today I had about 2 more hours of rain from Paducah KY through Mt. Vernon IL. After 2 days of rain, I can definately saw that my Fieldsheer Apollo pants are only water "resistant" not waterproof! My Fieldsheer jacket did fine as did the BMW boots. I am looking forward to making another trip down later this spring (hopefully drier this time) Mark
  14. ghostrider

    Deals Gap

    I was there on Monday - didn't hit the Gap until about 6pm on Monday. 28 degrees and snow flurries, the top side was still wet. I was on my way to a work conference in Orlando (1232 miles so far). hopefully it will be better on the return trip on Saturday, US28 still rocked even if it was wet! Mark
  15. ghostrider

    Happy Birthday Freak

    Happy B-Day Ed! I knew you were old...but geeeez that's old :biggrin: Mark