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  1. sorry for to update. its sold
  2. looks good minus the headlights. bet it looks awesome in race trim
  3. $200 anyone? no bike so no need for helmet. help me pay for our 3d ultrasound for the baby
  4. ive got a size 44us AGVSPORT black leather jacket ill throw in with it too. i cant find any pics of it, and my dslr has mysteriously disappeared, so ill get pics as soon as i find the camera
  5. Need to sell my Scorpion exo 700 Size XL. Its the white base with green chameleon scorpions on it. I wore this thing literally 3 times, in 50 degree weather for about 20 minutes at a time, so no sweat in this thing. Its practically brand new. Comes with Dark Smoke shield, clear shield, and chin spoiler. Paid $300 for this less than 2 months ago. $250 OBO. I'll add pictures later, have to take some tomorrow.
  6. nice pickup. heard good things about those suits
  7. Id check out the gericke celtic suit stg offers too. i had it and its a really nice suit if you can deal with the looks. last i knew they were having them on sale but i could be wrong, havent looked in a long time
  8. sugar coated crack. You can find them around ash and elm trees. they say under conifer trees for the blacks but i havent tried that one yet
  9. they are more than good eats, these things are like sugar coated crack
  10. personally im not a fan of cages. Id just get some frame sliders. i prefer woodcraft for sliders personally, but theres a bunch of brands out
  11. sportbiketrackgear.com normally has about the cheapest michelins and free shipping
  12. from what ive seen most people with the triumphs get the shorter one. bikes def. have a unique sound, especially with a pipe.
  13. yeah its a weird season, all the rain and cold weather screwed it up. We have only been finding the grays and yellows now, which normally means the season is almost over
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