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  1. ... "Burning Rubber TV" ... It was freezin that day. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7MRs84HcVaCMzYydWVMaURxbTA/view?usp=sharing
  2. Oh gosh, I have no idea. I was way lost. Can't remember who led the ride ... I followed. My server is a bit slow. If you play it on a PC, it should work. Cell phones choke on it sometimes unless you have a really fast connection. (I coded that player myself ... so, there may be a bug or two ... LOL)
  3. Yeah, my server is slow. Phones choke on it unless there's a really fast connection.
  4. Yup. I rode to your house from O'fallon with two tires around my waist. LOL.
  5. There's some "hollywood" in this one. I was tryin. ... and note the snow on the ground. But, this one is my favorite (of about 50 or so from back then). http://www.magicratproductions.com/videos/theater.php?name=LifeIsGood Life is good!
  6. ... before there were Go-Pro's ... and real video guys mounted tape recorders ... Miss you guys. Soooo ... Way back in 2005 ... about 3 days after hurricane Katrina ... Well, there was no gas. The trucks couldn't run to make the deliveries. ... so we went on an Illinois side ride. Back roads ... bad roads ... We ended up at a many gas stations with no gas. Finally, we found one. ... and a really drunk guy with no shirt (at about 1:00 PM on a Sunday) was there to help make our day. Enjoy ... and maybe you remember: http://www.magicratproductions.com/videos/theater.php?name=Deliverance
  7. I too am fossilized ... and still around. Miss you guys. Still living in the DC area. - Rat
  8. LOL. I have prolly 300 GB of stuff from 2005/2006.
  9. Here's the video: http://www.magicratproductions.com/videos/theater.php?name=HallettLarge Hooah!
  10. LOL. I wouldn't really post it. Just wanted to see if anybody remembered it. Man that was fun! All good here. I have not been able to ride much since JUL when I got a new job. Still in the Army ... but super long hours. All good. On pictues ... here's one better. Here's 5GB of pix from that weekend at Hallett. To include the professional ones of every rider (it's on my slow serve, so be patient): http://flandersland.tzo.com/bike/New/Hallett/ ... and I'll repost the video in a bit. I have to re-compress it to .mp4 ... and I'll post it on my fast server.
  11. P.S. - I just realized I joined 10 years ago.
  12. Sooo ... who wants to see it? I just watched it and it made me think of you guys. - Magic Rat (yes, I am still alive)
  13. Goin to the track this SAT for the first time this year. New job stinks. Hope you are all doin well. I got a new webcam to watch my GSX-R at work. LOL. Now has full motion and sound (the old one was just snapshots every 10 seconds). Here: http://www.magicratproductions.com/cam.html
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