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  1. vegandude


    I was on the VFR in Potosi. Great to see Dr.J again and meet you all.
  2. vegandude

    STLAR Spring Ride to Hermann

    Healing vibes to you Dave
  3. vegandude

    Typical introduction post

    Hey Paul, Welcome That Turbo is lookin like a rocket
  4. vegandude


    Schlafly Bottleworks CLICK has private rooms. Kate would be the person to talk to if anyone wants to check it out. EDIT: The Half Pint Room might be the one to ask about Close to 44 and Jamieson Exit if you're coming from the West (or 44 and Arsenal Exit if you're coming from the East) EDIT: Also easily accessible from 40/64 and Mc Causland
  5. vegandude

    license plate fix

    Spectacular. Very tidy and professional looking.
  6. vegandude

    June 6th Way Out club

    2525 S Jefferson: Near the intersection of Jefferson and Gravois
  7. I may be the first to mention this. I have difficulty reading the text on this forum, especially at the end of the day when my eyes are tired. It just is tough for these old eyes to read it without glasses. And I can never find my glasses There does not seem to be enough contrast between the text and the background. Just my $.02
  8. vegandude

    January meeting

    Sorry I missed out. Thanks for the email. Hope to make it to the February meeting
  9. vegandude

    Won't be riding for a while

    Welcome back bro, I'm glad to hear that the surgery was a success and you're outta there. Wishing you the best in your recovery process, tim
  10. vegandude

    Go Obama!

    Woo Hoo
  11. vegandude

    WTB: copy of Leanings or Leanings 2

    $17.13 at AMAZON
  12. Anyone have a copy of Peter Egan's Leanings or Leanings 2 that they'd like to sell?
  13. vegandude

    Go Obama!

    That's a pretty huge generalization to make about Democrats. You're right I shouldn't assume that you or anyone else gets your information from radio alone. There are also fear mongering outlets like fox news, the religious right and the suposedly unbiased media. The media that did not raise so much as a wimper as Bush beat the war drums over Iraq. How many family members have you lost pal? I'm filled with hate. How bout we all go hold hands over my brothers grave?
  14. vegandude

    Go Obama!

    So vote for the Maverick you towering independant thinker you