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  1. I’m out of town. But if i get back in time then I’ll ride with you 😊
  2. This happened somewhere in our land. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02JpTvaYjxFQ5Sf5d2qqFbU4c9AKGomgvaGHMAjLCvRHAWugXixCLDtgoQbU1nXWJjl&id=100078390650049&mibextid=unz460
  3. What about Motorcross riders? Unless ADV riders and Motorcross ones are the same!
  4. You all missed riding two great roads today. F and N
  5. At the meet spot. Thanks Galen and hope you make it to the next ride.
  6. I’m thinking on meeting either in Washington or Eureka and heading to Lynn, MO for breakfast. Let me know what you think. Meet at Casey’s on 100 in Washington., MO@ 9:30 and leave by 10:00 am
  7. Welcome back James. It’s about time!
  8. I don’t think we have blinker fluids in Washington, MO yet.
  9. Unfortunately only one I know of. Garrett Gerloff who is really good. But struggling with his new BMW
  10. There are a few new riders and rookies that will be elbowing for positions. it will be interesting to see how they do.
  11. I have a few errands to run which won’t be done till later today. Would have liked to ride with you.
  12. Happy WSBK everyone. It started yesterday,Hope this will be an exciting season.
  13. I have never seen anyone else wear out the side wall before.
  14. Good thing we didn’t go to Bixbi today. Lunch was great and HWY N being resurfaced was a blast. Everyone be healthy and Happy .
  15. I used to have an Arlen ness one piece suit in the early 2000 . Almost ordered one from Pilot custom tailored company.
  16. I have never heard of them. To me the older leather jackets were Joe rocket, Vanson, Technic.
  17. Too bad I wasn’t there with my Kawaski 400 because I would have beaten them 😁
  18. With Honda you are going to meet some nice people. Welcome!
  19. This would be a fun video to watch on a snowy day. Can’t wait for the next season.
  20. I had a great ride and ended up getting lunch in Hermann. One of these Tuesdays we shall hookup since I’m usually off on that day. Hope you had a good day too.
  21. Change of plans for me. I’m going to ride to Hermann today. Be safe
  22. If i get my earneds done i could join you. I would know in the next hour.
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