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  1. Supercharged Sport Touring Anyone? I don't think it is enough to get Terry off the SV...... Or is it?
  2. Now that we've seen the "Cafe" version, what do you think? Not quite a Z1R replica, or a ELR replica, ironically, a Wes Cooley replica? I like it, bottom line, it is awesome. And then, the original "new Z1" replica - hopefully coming to us sooner rather than later - I think Kawasaki has a hit on it's hands - Based on the Z900, which I've ridden and found to be a total blast to ride - will this resurrect "vintage" and/or "retro" sales more than the offerings from Honda and Yamaha? Anyone else like the old school look? Or not?
  3. I'm taking a weekend of Roots Blues and BBQ The 22nd a small group of "vintage" Japanese bike riders are heading to Swiss, that may be the closest I get to you guys this year. I am craving a good Reuben though, so I may yet make it this year.
  4. Rock Rock Canyon loop is good. Valley of fire is better, time to do them both - and more! You're going to have a great time!
  5. I made an effort but shit happened - ride safe all
  6. Rumor is one of the best tools to have is something called a "T-Berg" ;)
  7. I believe this is state wide - http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article103494807.html Not that any of us would ever speed.....
  8. Man, sorry to hear this. Rolla seems like such a tool little town. My son is there, chemical engineering, doubt that will help get your bike back. Maybe the police can perform a miracle. I'll keep an eye open in the central part of the State. Karma will get them sooner or later.
  9. Well, I have to sort of put some of the blame on the rider. Along with the idiots who drive in the passing lane, idiots who stop at right turn's with a yield rank right up there. Also worthy of comment, that women has some huge breasts.
  10. Having the right tool sure makes for a happier mechanic, that is for sure! I'll toss this one out, if you don't have one, you might want to consider it. It flat rocks on phillips head screws. The long shaft stores torque, and the Snap-On version's metal seems to do so better than other brands, and the tip's last. It's think it is actually called a cabinet screwdriver, all I know is it kicks butt on Phillips heads better than any other screwdriver I've ever used. Also, God forbid you ever have to deal with it, these extractors seems to work really well - Long screwdrivers and short extractors, I think I've said enough for the morning..... One more - picked this up from a peddler who made it. I prefer my battery powered one, still, this one is handy. It's a 1/4 drive on the end, so anything fits, from sockets to screwdriver tips. Have a great day
  11. You and me both, on all counts. What about this? You might remember the 1st attempt
  12. You reach a point in life where it starts reversing. Enjoy it while you can!
  13. I can relate with what you experienced. Similar to many forums
  14. Prayers of brilliant guidance for the Physicians and staff, minimal discomfort for all and for some good to come from this.
  15. I estimated about a thousand smiles per gallon - OK, seriously, depending on who is riding, the Honda's will get over a hundred miles per gallon, but I was usually in the eighties. WOTATFT as they say
  16. Thanks, appreciate hearing that. The first time the kids and I took off on the streets on our scooters, we rode into another section of the neighborhood and sure as heck, Sgt. Smith was there talking to a neighbor. Yeah, he hollered for us to stop, came up to me and said - "You know those kids should be riding with helmets, right? Take 'em home" So we did, we rode straight home. I put helmets on both of them, and off we rode again - Down the same route, and Sgt. Smith caught a second glance - he looked at us ride by and smiled. My son was 9 at the time, he learned a lot that day. We were slightly ahead of the curve, scooters were not yet "popular" and we rode everywhere. People would point and laugh as we rode by, me, over-sized, followed by my family, like ducks I imagine. There was a "club" or more like group rides - The first guy from the left, that's Rob, he opened and operated the Honda dealership at the time. Ironically, he was killed on his scooter several years later. One of the other rides - Gals and guys, your kids will grow up too fast, I am stunned it happened to me, seems like yesterday..... Spend your time with them well. My wife and I tried
  17. No they're not quick or fast - These are built to last. I'd have them come in for service with well over 20,000 miles and stilling running like a fine watch, except quieter ;) Yamaha makes a 2 stroke version, the Zuma is especially fun. With a inexpensive big bore kit, carb and expansion pipe, they'll wheelie on demand and snap up to 60 quicker than they have any right too.....
  18. Our family has enjoyed the Honda Gen 1 Metropolitans and Ruckus scooters ever since they came out. Totally stealth, they are silent, yet, oh so fun. Amazing the fun you can have on a quiet machine. Anyway, started our two youngest off as soon as they could ride a bike on a Z50. The a XR70R and then the scooters. They were riding on public roads early, very early. We went everywhere Here is one of my favorite pictures of those two - For a while it was small bike city! Still have a couple Met's around. Good times That scooter was a Frankenstein of sorts, but it proved durable, reliable and sold instantly when it was time to move on. (Note the "Metropolitan II" markings.) Oh, "Peaches" is a sleeper of sorts. Honda made the Metropolitan and a version known as the Metropolitan II, which was restricted to 25MPH. I worked at a dealership at the time and the owner bought dozens of the restricted versions for next to nothing. I changed a few parts and they were almost as fast as the "normal" version. "Peaches" wears the body of a Met II with the rest pure Met. Still no powerhouse, but fun as fun can be. Recently rode "Peaches" down the biggest hill at "Seven Hills" - a route some of you have ridden. https://www.youtube.com/embed/fEbwBrcWVAU My daughter was not impressed..... And I'm louder than the scooter
  19. There are a few people out there that swear loud pipes save lives. And they will fight tooth and nail that it's true. Toss facts at them, it's insulting. Loud pipes and Wig-Wag lights, two at the bottom of the crankcase IMO.......
  20. Here is my question - Have you ever looked at a motorcycle accident and immediately thought "If the guy only had louder pipes!" I have not, but wondered if anyone had. Carry on
  21. The Raider has balls, major torque The Bolt is like a Sportster, but with more power. And it's still slow, but everything is relative.....
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