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  1. I'll come hang out with you guys between sessions (and maybe at lunch ) LOL It's just easier for me to set up in the pits since I'll be out again Sunday.
  2. I'll be there as long as my wife remembers to let me have the truck
  3. Ok...so I'm a couple days late... Happy Birthday Erin! Did you get any cool track stuff? An iPad maybe?
  4. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday. I have to go through the clinic Saturday to get my license since it's been more than 12 months since the last time I'll prolly pit in the paddock unless there's room (and electricity) with you guys at turn 5.
  5. Or...if you have an iPhone or iTouch, just download CMS Lap Timer for free and call it good. I mounted mine on the tank with a hard case and Velcro. Worked pretty good for me Sunday. Plus, you can email your times or Tweet them real time if you are so inclined. My
  6. LOL Yes, the instant improvement in my lap times is definitely the bike and setup. Once I sorted out the revs it was all downhill. And BTW, I was hunting 10's until you shared your horror stories with me
  7. It's referring to my personal lap times. So I'm going round consistently at around 1:11.6 with my current setup. That's pretty good for me considering the best I was doing on my other bike was mid 13's
  8. Just like the title says It was good seeing Dom, Erin, Stu, Amy, and a bunch of other people from the club! I had an awesome day with the new bike. I exceeded my expectations and broke into the mid 11's by my 3rd session. I even got to dice with Stu in the last session. You are looking great these days And, the best part of the day was when some random hot chick smacked me on the ass Of course, she noted that my ass was big, and she wasn't exactly random... but who cares! Thanks!
  9. So, the plan is to get acquainted with her at the May TD at GIR. Then, I'll play it by ear. I would like to renew my CCS license and at least play around locally. Based on what my wife and daughter want to do with the horses this year, I may have to put a hitch on the Bimmer to do much else right away I'm totally excited though
  10. And...it's NOT a Ducati I'm going to get it all cleaned up this weekend and take better pictures. The fresh paint from Kyle over at Road Race Prep may throw you, but this is Timmay's old bike. Somebody out there needs to teach me how to ride this thing..it's got like 4 cylinders Visit My Website
  11. I saw a black one at Welt just before Christmas. I was talking to the guy who did my car delivery, and he said they do European delivery on their bikes as well. How cool is that!!! Great looking bike for sure
  12. As an independent, I voted for "not the Bush." Plus, since I spent a large portion of my life growing up in a social democracy, I'm on-board with things that most Americans are fearful of, like socialized medicine and education. I'm all about trading our current system in for a parliamentary Otherwise, I think that living within a certain proximity of a foreign country definitely lends itself to strong foreign policy.
  13. I had a great time on the track, and the 916 pulled through once again I had unbelievable grip on my Pilot Powers despite the low track temps. But still, I couldn't break out of the 13's I think I need a race prepped R6 or something to get me over the hump My only regret is I didn't know where everyone was pitted until late in the day
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