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  1. Pretty sure I've seen your there. I'm a bit of a whore over there.
  2. Thanks. I bought it in Washington when I was stationed there two years ago. Yep I'm a member there. Same screen name.
  3. I went to Oakville too. Whats your name?
  4. Thank you. I lived in Oakville off of Telegraph.
  5. Well you can't have mine! :biggrin: The track is Jennings Gp in Jennings, Fl. Well I'm not too sure when I'll be home. I was going to go home when I get off deployment but opted to go the R1/R6 convention at Deals Gap in June lol. Hey it's only once a year thing! Stu is out here with me. Kinda funny story. We had been chatting about STL in a thread I started on the R1 forum for a week or so. Then someone posted a vid I couldn't see. He pmed to have me send him my email, and I did. He recognized the email addy as one from out here and turns out we work less than a 2 min walk from each other
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I thought I would introduce myself. Stu (Irishstu) directed me over here so I figured I'd check it out. My name is Brandon, and I am origanlly from South County. I don't live there anymore because I joined the Navy back in 01. I live in Brunswick. Me right now bu I plan to move back when this enlistment is done. My bike is a 2003 Yamaha R1 LE and my Wife rides a 1996 Kawasaki EX-500 My R1 My wifes 500
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