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  1. theres a bunch going, all the info is on midwestriderz.com
  2. Any one know if the Joe Rocket Razor textile gear is worth getting, my leathers just got stolen and i can get the textile cheap was wondering if its worth having dont have the money right now for all new leathers
  3. Glad to see u guys made it back alright, sorry i couldnt make the ride imma go pick me up some new gear this week so ill definatly make the next one.
  4. This has got to be the worst week ever, just got electric back after 2 days without any, and my gloves and jacket got stolen :mad: Ill try to see if my buddy will let me borrow his jacket tomorrow so i can make the ride
  5. WOW! Brice just quoted me for insuance on my bike and vehicles and ill save over $2500 a year. Bike insurance will go from $190 a month to around $25 a month. WOW! Your the man Brice.
  6. :laugh: its ok ill probly be 60 and still on a sports bike
  7. isn't that the truth, she had to be one of the few girls that hates bikes lol So, what about u guys, how old and long u guys been riding ?
  8. Im 21 Will be 22 in Oct. Been riding off and on since i was 17, but here in the past 5 months heavy riding, its all i do now that me and the ex broke up =)
  9. Hey guys, My name is Dennis im new to site, looking for some good people to hang out and ride with, I ride a 2001 Gixxer 1000, and im out of Alton, IL
  10. Hey all, name is Dennis, im from Alton, IL just looking for some people to ride every now and then, I ride a Gixxer 1000
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