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  1. Random600RR

    Riding/Drinking w/Random600RR 12/13

    Sounds sweet! Glad some of you can make it... I'm hoping for 60's!!! :biggrin: Sorry about my shitty timing making it a weekday and not a weekend and not a trackday in the warmer months... my work schedule sucks! See ya'll there!
  2. Random600RR

    Riding/Drinking w/Random600RR 12/13

    Hey, no problem about not making it. Yeah, as Curtis said, I'll be comming in on Wednesday around 1pmish. and staying till mid Friday or something. Does anyone know of anything exciting going on Thursday, Thursday night, or Friday. I may try to hit up Hidden Valley and do a little skiing or snowboarding if they are open... it's been a while since I busted my ass on their slopes, lol. If anyone can show for the ride and/or beers or whatever, then cool.... if not... I'll definatly make it back up that way sometime next year too.
  3. Random600RR

    Deals Gap

    And you thought The Gap was fun on the big bikes! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...p;q=pocket+bike Sorry if it's a repost! The wreck is HELARIOUS!
  4. Random600RR

    Great vid

    Very cool video!
  5. Random600RR

    Soliders back from Iraq

    Very cool that ya'll did that PD! Looks like a nice welcome home! I'm sure they enjoyed seeing it!
  6. Random600RR

    Dear Mom,

    Screw what the report card says... That girl deserves an A for Presentation and an A for Dramatic Effect! She's got potential!
  7. Random600RR

    Bad Press For Motorcycles

    Part 2 of that ... http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/myfox/pages/Ne...mp;pageId=3.1.1 A little over dramatic??? I can understand the locals fustration. It seems like the most trouble are the guys blasting down the straights. Sounds like going through the turns 10 over is fine just so long as you don't do 150 on the way there. Simple enough right? I used to want to run the Gap and other places like it... but seeing crap like this just makes me wonder if it's worth it. I think I'd kill someone if they came around a curve too quick and took me out or bit it doing 150 on a straight into me (If I didn't die myself). And I'd be damn pissed for getting a ticket by some cop who labels me as one of them. :pinch:
  8. Random600RR

    GO CARDS!!!

    OH HELL YES! Fuqin right! Way to go Cards!
  9. Random600RR

    MotoGP Of Estoril ... [SPOILER]

    I wonder what would happen if he did purposely give up 1st for 2nd... I'm sure Rossi would contest it... I don't know what the officials could do besides fine Pedrosa (If they'd even go that far). I guess there's not much they could do about it, but that's theoretically cheating right? You're using another racer, though sponsored by the same factory, to fix the results of the champoinship. I'd like to see that happen, but at the same time I don't think it'd sit well, knowing Hayden didn't really win it himself. But I do agree, the Championship is much more important than a win for Pedrosa.
  10. Random600RR

    MotoGP Of Estoril ... [SPOILER]

    I hope it's the truth... I mean, that's how racers should be. Shit happens, they know it...this shit just happened at a really bad time in the championship. Hell, I can understand the initial anger, but once that wears off I'd understand it could have just as easily been the other way around. No one's perfect. That's Racing.
  11. Random600RR

    My space

    Hey, don't hate! I can pimp the stache! :cool:
  12. Random600RR

    MotoGP Of Estoril ... [SPOILER]

    Here's the vid of the wreck... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=41...crash&hl=en Yeah, that sucks ass for Nicky! Think he was angry? Hahaa.
  13. Random600RR

    MAM report, cliff notes

  14. Random600RR

    My space

    Ya'll are just pissed it hasn't landed you any HS poontaing! I've has an account for about a year and a half now. It's a great way for me to keep up with all my old buddies and current friends. I even started up a myspace group for those that learned to fly at my military school, it's kinda interesting to see where everyones careers are taking them. Plus... I dunno, I just like it. Sooo... who wants a mustache ride?
  15. Random600RR

    Hallett Report ...

    Wow! Sweet pics! Looks like it was a great day! They are resurificing Hallett? Damn, that's gonna be NICE!