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  1. come on now dont hate on our beloved sv 650s everyone knows they make like 11 hp lol. but me having a ful exhaust jet kit and air filter mod im going to be VERY optomistic and wish for about 70.
  2. thats awesome dave great to hear you werent as bad as i was
  3. yes sir buddy i got an o2 sv650 lowered with micron exhaust and dynojet jet kit, im going to try to ride up to duquion and watch the flattrack race on the mile then go to springfield in may you wanna go? oh yeah do you want one of the buel wind screens everyone puts on thier bikes? i took it off of mine because i didnt like the way it looked. ill give it to you if you want it.
  4. i was on the ride and as a newbe didnt know really anyone but im sure you could notice me limping, i was thrown from my geo tracker when i fell asleep and hit the median! i was in the hospital for 6 weeks and ill never recover from the brain sugery and other things so i can only wish dave doesnt turn out as messed up as i am. god speed dave,taco
  5. i ride a lowered sv650 ill let you check it out at the ride today. you ride one if i recall correctly lol
  6. im in i didnt see the post till sat night but ill be there on the nekkid sv
  7. dont hate on the scooters! i had a yamaha vino 2 stroke with a big bore kit (70cc) and a tuned pipe and i could run 60 mph on 10 inch bias tires! try that lol
  8. yes i was going to go to korns since its right by my house but rob is a busy guy so ill try to make it to quicktime. are you going to meet somewhere in no co
  9. pardon me but if your really passionate about motorcycles isnt it always riding season?
  10. why thank you, im thinking about doing the cam swap but cant find anyone to help lol,
  11. i want to go up to springfield il on the 29th and or 30th of may to check out some tt and flattrack racing. I get discounted hotel rooms at hampton inns if anyone might want to go both days, sat is the tt event and sunday is the v twins on the mile which is what im shooting for. let me know, i will be going to peoria and springfield again later on in the year also duquoin as soon as they post it ill let you know,taco
  12. yeah it was fun till i left, my tinted face shield fogged up then it was so dark i couldnt see my headlight on the highway. looks like it back to the kevin schwanz replica helmet lol
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