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  1. MaximumJEFF

    2019 Challenge

    Since the weather has been decent dog and I have been doing our daily 1 mile walk.
  2. MaximumJEFF

    Where to?

    Ya, I guess it hasn’t done well for them for a few years. I’ll be there our normal two weekends. Last of July and September.
  3. MaximumJEFF

    Where to?

    Putnam is nice because it isn’t super technical and is easy to learn.
  4. MaximumJEFF

    2019 Challenge

    I’m down 33lbs. My race suit is so loose now it’s awesome.
  5. MaximumJEFF


    If only I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, “How’s my BP?”.
  6. MaximumJEFF

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    After pre orders I’m down to one set for SV’s and one set for 250-400’s.
  7. MaximumJEFF

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    First rule of racetracks is you never look at the forecast.
  8. MaximumJEFF

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    I’m in.
  9. MaximumJEFF

    RPM Aug 25/26

    Not allegedly. Alan Wilson designed both. Along with about 20 others.
  10. MaximumJEFF

    Road America August 11/12 - Who wants to go?

    I’m a maybe. Gonna weather watch.
  11. MaximumJEFF

    Gateway July 21 and 22 Who is going?

    Joe and I will be there.
  12. MaximumJEFF

    NCM Motorsports Park, June 30 - July 1

    Early Bird pricing ends Wednesday night... Intermediate is sold out on Sunday and down to 3 spots on Saturday.
  13. Our next event at everyone's favorite track is right around the corner! Gates will open at 5 on Friday Camping is free Contact the track directly for garage and RV spots - (270) 777-4507 Link to registration page - http://msreg.com/ncmjune2018 Link to the track - http://motorsportspark.org Places to stay - http://motorsportspark.org/lodging/ Advanced is 20% full Novice and Intermediate are about 10% Hope to see you there!
  14. MaximumJEFF


    Hey Kaneda, Tetsuo said he wants your bike...
  15. MaximumJEFF

    Gateway 5/26-27

    Gonna be warm. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  16. MaximumJEFF

    Gateway 5/26-27

    I’ll be down on the end like always.
  17. MaximumJEFF

    NCM Motorsports Park, June 30 - July 1

    I’ve got a weekend in September and October too.
  18. MaximumJEFF

    Springfield Mile May 27th

    I wish. But, I’ll be selling rubber at GMP
  19. MaximumJEFF

    ordered a bubbler balancer

    I’d probably just use balancing beads for truck tires.
  20. MaximumJEFF

    Putnam Park

    Until we’re there, we don’t know what’ll happen. Bring an umbrella and sun block. That way you’re covered either way.
  21. MaximumJEFF

    NCM Motorsports Park, April 21-22

    Anyone coming down to the Season Opener with us at NCM? Advanced and Novice are about 60% full. Intermediate is full on Saturday. One open spot on Sunday. www.motorsportreg.com/events/season-opener-at-ncm-motorsports-park-midwest-track-day-566616
  22. MaximumJEFF

    ordered a bubbler balancer

    Did it fit on the balancer?
  23. MaximumJEFF

    MCRA Awards Banquet

    I’ll be there!
  24. MaximumJEFF

    Changing tires

    It is a race for me. The main reason I use a pneumatic is Dunlops.
  25. MaximumJEFF

    Changing tires

    I've changed a "few" tires on both pneumatics and NoMars. With practice, you can be faster with the NoMar.