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  1. silver08cbrchic

    New rider in O'fallon, IL

    Oh thats cool. I used to know the facility manager for DISA. I am a civil engineer. I work in 375 CES but starting next week I'm going to be the MSG XO.
  2. silver08cbrchic

    New rider in O'fallon, IL

    Thnx ladies. I work at Scott AFB.
  3. silver08cbrchic

    New rider in O'fallon, IL

    I stay in the same area. I live pretty much right behind the Harley shop on Greenmount. I'll be sure to hit you up when I'm back in town.
  4. silver08cbrchic

    New rider in O'fallon, IL

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll be out of town for till the end of the week but next week I'll be sure to hit some of y'all up about riding. I'm getting bored riding by myself. And what up Hamze!
  5. silver08cbrchic

    New rider in O'fallon, IL

    New rider in O'Fallon, IL. A few weeks ago I picked up a new 2008 Honda CBR600RR out at Holzhauer Pro Motorsports and I've been practicing everyday. New to motorcycles but grew up playing on dirt bikes a little. I've riden all around Belleville, Shiloh, O'Fallon, Fairview Heights, and a little up into Edwardsville, but haven't been able to find any really good places to ride. I have a few friends here too that ride, but we are all pretty new to the area and are looking for some better places to ride and some events to go to. I'm excited about finding this forum, but bummed that it's been so hot!