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  1. I don't currently own a dirt bike but I will be on my buddy's yz 250.
  2. I will be there with some family. Anyone else gonna be there?
  3. I thought by now I have shown to be a responsible rider to my abilities. I can't afford the gear but I'm doing what I can to get it. Kirk, steve, Gary and others have seen the way I ride while I watch others push it and ditch there bikes. I am not offended and I mean no harm hopefully over time my actions will out shine my words.
  4. Did u want to say something about my speed? I understand speed scares some people but I'll stick to the safety of a whole shot on a straight rather than 80 on a blind corner as I've seen many experienced riders do. I don't speed much on backroads by myself.
  5. K thanks Todd I'll check that out
  6. I ride daily and half of that is back roads but I'm only aggressive 25% of the time with speeds over 100mph daily.
  7. I have 96 gsxr 750 and I will need a new rear tire soon. I ride alot of backroads, about 750 miles a week.
  8. I'm out of this one I'm having carb problems. Hopefully fixed within the next week or two.
  9. Me and Terry are taking them apart and putting them back together like new in the next week or two.
  10. Yes and then I will be covered.
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