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  1. stiffneck


    No, we can keep it going for you.
  2. Casey, you have the right to vote Just do it...
  3. stiffneck

    Ride Aug 11th

    Got in around 1:30pm, a few minutes in front of me... another accident on Riverview, checked that 911 was already called and blame Trump. Great ride today, so I'll eat a late lunch, was worth waiting for. Thanks for leading Dave and for posting Nate.
  4. stiffneck

    Ride Aug 11th

    Departing shortly, anyone else going?
  5. stiffneck

    Thank you

    Congratulations on passing the exam/license. Now welcome to the world of career/job/work, where U will spend the next 30-40 years We'll be here and we'll keep a light on for U. Will ride again some day here, there, elsewhere after U've earned some vacation time from Ur job
  6. stiffneck

    Ride Aug 11th

    Better than 50/50 at this point.
  7. stiffneck

    August STLAR Meeting???

    In route..
  8. stiffneck

    August STLAR Meeting???

    I plan on being there, so post up if you're coming. Will check tomorrow, to see if more than two of us going. ch
  9. stiffneck

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    Congradulations to Barry, had his lowest ET ever, today mid-day session. Thanks to all that came out, first time on track for me since last year.
  10. stiffneck

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    This weekend... August 3rd and 4th...
  11. stiffneck

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    I'll drop my trailer off Friday, if it's needed, might do Sunday, few laps, not sure yet.
  12. stiffneck

    Site Dead

    I hate facepage...
  13. Thanks for reminder, have not been to one in years.