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  1. stiffneck

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Home about an hour ago, most excellent day. Wasn't sure until maybe 0600, if I was even going or not. Thanks to ride leaders, all I had to do was point and twist
  2. stiffneck

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Just a tad late, don't wait, hope to see U there...
  3. stiffneck

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    Will drop off the flat bed trailer Friday after work, that might be as far as I get.
  4. stiffneck

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Maybe at this point, will be working late Friday into Saturday, been awhile for off shift shizt. It's been sooo long, not sure I remember how to ride
  5. stiffneck

    Ride Saturday ??

    Scheduled to work Saturday, won't know until Friday if project is on or off
  6. stiffneck

    April STLAR meeting - 4/2, 6:30p

    In route 🏁
  7. stiffneck

    April STLAR meeting - 4/2, 6:30p

    I'll be there...
  8. stiffneck

    "Z" projects

    Warm weather is just around the corner
  9. stiffneck

    Happy Birthday SprintST

  10. stiffneck

    Stlar Meeting!

    Escape from work was a success, will be there...
  11. stiffneck

    Software updated to 4.3.6

    Thanks for doing this...
  12. stiffneck

    Stlar Meeting!

    Hope to be there, weather permitting.
  13. stiffneck

    Where to?

    I recommend going to Gateway Raceway in beautiful downtown Madison(East St. Louis), IL After a few track days there, you will learn to appreciate every other track in the nation 🏁