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Board Notices Going to Spam Folder

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Just wanted to give members a head's up it looks like notification messages from the STLAR board are going to the spam folder for GMail users. Haven't confirmed any other mail services - Yahoo, Outlook.com, etc. - but you may want to check your Spam or Junk E-mail folder. 


Adding the sender to safe-sender's won't work - unless you can do so for the domain - since each notification is sent from a unique address.


The issue appears to be tied to Dreamhost; I checked and the domain is not on any blacklists but (for GMail at least) it appears messages from the domain have been flagged enough that they're preemptively marking them as spam. It's not the stlar.com domain, but it is oliver-wolcott.dreamhost.com; we don't control this domain so I'm not sure how much I can do to resolve the issue. 


Just to update: here are some steps on white-listing the domains in GMail if you are experiencing this issue. A word of warning:  in most cases, white-listing a domain will always allow all messages from that domain into your Inbox. Should the sender's organization be compromised by a virus or malware and start sending out malicious or infected messages, by whitelisting the domains you risk these messages bypassing GMail's filters and delivering them to your Inbox. 

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I am going to have to try the white-listing option as they are going to Spam again.

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The white list option is working so far.

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